Niles F.O.P. 9-year-olds win Hartford tournament

Published 7:36 pm Tuesday, July 13, 2004

By Staff
The Niles F.O.P. 9-year-old All-Stars won the Hartford tournament last weekend by winning three straight games. They will play in a round robin tournament this weekend in Dowagiac and then begin play at Eaton Park next week.
Friday, July 9
F.O.P. was led by Mitchell Dehn with one triple and two doubles. Evan Hartman with one double and two singles. Ethan Zimmerman, Derek Scott, Connor Glick and Maris Marazita with two singles each. and Alex Wright with one double.
Saturday, July 10
South Haven….4
This game was completed in the fifth inning by the 10-run rule. Kevin Hatcher and Derek Scott led F.O.P. with one double and three singles each. Geordan Griffin had four single. Ethan Zimmerman and Alex Wright each had three singles. Mitchell Dehn had a double and a triple.
Sunday, July 11
Niles FOP…….11
South Haven….1
The championship game was completed in the fourth inning by the 10-run rule. Evan Hartman led F.O.P. with one triple and two singles; Geordan Griffin had one double and two singles; Connor Glick and Ethan Zimmerman had three singles. Mitchell Dehn had two doubles.
Kevin Hatcher was name the Hartford tournament player in Niles' bracket.
In other F.O.P. news, the 11-year old team began tournament play against South Haven in Mattawan Monday night. The game went to extra innings after being tied 2-2 after six innings.
Nathaniel Oates and Evan Zimmerman both stole home for the F.O.P. scores. Justin Hughes pitched all six innings. Montrell Merritt had the only hit for F.O.P. with a double.
The South Haven offense took advantage of five F.O.P. defensive errors to end up winning the game 2-8. The 11-year olds will play the winner of the Coldwater vs. Dowagiac game on Wednesday at 6 p.m. in Three Rivers.
The 10-year olds lost to Decatur 8 -14. They play Wednesday, at 6 p.m. at F.O.P. against Three Rivers.
The 9-year-old team begins tournament play tonight in Dowagiac with a double header at 6 p.m.