Malsch no longer Porter’s supervisor

Published 8:04 am Thursday, July 1, 2004

By By NORMA LERNER / Edwardsburg Argus
UNION -- Larry Malsch, Porter Township Supervisor, resigned as township supervisor during the township board meeting last week on Tuesday.
Porter Township Clerk Marty Russell said Malsch's letter cited the township board does not have the "good of the township." Russell said Malsch also sat on the county board of public works which is a conflict of interest, according to township Attorney Harold Schuitmaker.
The board has 45 days to appoint a new supervisor, Russell said, adding interested persons may apply at the township hall and be interviewed. She hopes to have a candidate at the board's July 13 meeting.
Russell, who was voted into office on May 11 following a recall election on March 8 when former Clerk Sandra Kiner lost her seat, said the present board is trying to stop the $17 million sewer project which has been approved by the former board and the county board.
That would place a sewer around Birch, Indiana, Baldwin, Coverdale, Shavehead and Long lakes. Russell said there were 1,000 petitioners who attended township meetings who didn't want the sewer and couldn't afford it.
The present board members have hired a Detroit law firm to put a stop to the sewer project, and a meeting with county officials is in the planning, Russell said.
Malsch allegedly would have been recalled at the March 8 recall election, Russall added, but was not eligible for recall because he was in his first six months of his term. Malsch was appointed to replace former Supervisor Larry Carroll who resigned because of health reasons.
The former board put the township $17 million in debt for 1,400 people, Russell believes. Many are retired and don't have the money which is running an average of $10,000 per assessment. "The former board bankrupted the township. The yearly debt on the bond issue is $900,000 for 20 years. The township doesn't bring in that much money. The numbers just don't work," she added.
The board has pledged to do what they can to "stop it." She said they have no say so over anything. "Something isn't right."
Russell cited two businesses that are either shutting down or cutting down because of high assessment costs. They are an ice cream store and a Laundromat, both on U.S.-12.
Also, Wayne Stutsman, zoning planning/zoning board/zoning board of appeals, chairman tendered his resignation. His resignation was received a few days earlier than the Tuesday's board meeting. His reason too was that the board was not working for the good of the township, Russell said.