Sox, Indians pick up wins in Babe Ruth play

Published 5:08 pm Tuesday, June 15, 2004

By Staff
Babe Ruth
Trevor Ernsberger did not give up any hits as he picked up the victory on the mound for the White Sox. Daniel Lynch took the loss but struck out three batters in the process.
Stephen Banicki led the Sox at the plate with two hits and two RBIs. Mike Thompson and Aaron Koziel each added two hits.
Lynch helped himself with a double and two singles. Robert Basker, Shane Bankston and Scott Steinbaugh each added a hit.
Keith Bouwkamp struck out six batters as he picked up the victory for the Indians. Jason Duis took the loss for the Cubs.
Cody Maynard and Sam Hatch led the Indians' hitting attack with two singles and one RBI apiece. Bouwkamp added a double and two RBIs while Josh Getz hit two singles.
Dustin Anderson led the Cubs with a double and a single. Matt Colburn added a single and two RBIs.
Brandywine Cal Ripken Jr.
Red Sox….18
Jeremy Becker led the Red Sox at the plate with a triple and two singles while Zack Rose added three singles. Rose also earned the pitching victory for the Red Sox.
Kyle Basley led the Pirates at the plate with a triple and two singles. Pat Vankirk took the pitching loss for the Pirates.
Derek Nichols and Tommy Flynn took care of the pitching duties for the Yankees while Cameron Smallmon took the loss for the Orioles.
Nichols paced the Yankees' hitting attack with a double and three singles. Zach Gerber helped out with two singles.
Josh Hayden and Mikel Lindzy each hit a double and two singles for the Orioles.