Ignowski fans 10 batters in Schillings shutout victory

Published 4:38 pm Thursday, June 10, 2004

By Staff
Jenna Ignowski struck out 10 batters in four innings to earn the pitching victory for Schillings.
Demi Schrader took the loss for Hackers.
Ignowski also led Schillings at the plate with a triple and a single. Nellie Coquillard added a double and a single while Holly Lucas added two singles.
Taylor Watson and Delaina Schroeder each hit a single for Hackers.
All Points……..5
Trisha Teeter and Jordan Helt pitched for Gallaghers while Alex Shirk and Kayla Godfrey worked the circle for All Points.
Dana DelMuro led Gallaghers at the plate with two singles. Kara Zehrung and Allyson Stapleton each added a single.
Allison Harris, Ashton Gordon and Patty Anton each hit a single for All Points.
Jennifer York earned the pitching victory for Clay while Emily Crowe took the loss for Schraders.
Jennifer York, Kaloni York and Hayley Burks each hit a double to lead Clay.
Emily Ross, Lindsay Ross and Sam Beck each hit a single for Schraders.
Jenna Ignowski earned the pitching victory for Schillings. Brittney Beauty took the loss for Selge.
Ignowski also led Schillings at the plate with two doubles. Jayme O'Bryant, Kayla Gibson, nellie Coquillard and Anna Marie Callahan each added a single for Schillings.
Maggie Ernsburger led Selge with a double.
Maggie Ernsburger got a double for Selge
Home: Mitchell T.V.
Visitors: Carbons
Inning Score: 1 2 3 4 5 final
Mitchell 4 1 2 3 1 11
Carbons 0 0 1 0 0 1
Strikeouts Walks Runs Hits Innings
Winning Pitcher: Stephanie Stoops 5 4 1 1 3
Losing Pitcher: Mary Mitchell 0 4 7 1 3
Top Hitters: Mitchell- Katie Kelley- 1 single
Lauryn Gibson- 1 single
Carbons-Kourney Peterson- 1 single
Kayleigh Sabat- 1 single
13-16 Year Olds
Low Associates-5
Mitchell T.V.-0
Winning PItcher- Ashley Pointer
Losing Pitcher- Kylee Mudd
Top Hitters-
Low Associates-Krisitina Ford: 3 Singles
Lauren Kachur: 2 Singles
Taitum Elrod: 1 Single
Mitchell T.V.- Stephanie Stoops: 1 Single
Andrea Henry: 1Single
Julie Barnett: 1 Single
Winning PItcher- Nichol Sly
Losing Pitcher- Sara Ferguson
Top Hitters-
Tylers-Autumn Ligget: 1 Single
Elks-Courtney Adolf: 1 Single
Abby McKeel: 2 Single
Kala Kiefer: 1 Single
SilverBrook vs. Roberts *6-8*
Silverbrook- Larkin Carey, Brook Wilson (good hits)
Roberts- Katie, Courtney (good Hits)
SIlver Brook- Hannah Porterfield, Abby Mattson (good plays))
Roberts- Heaven Jayce ((good plays))
Spirt!- Silverbook- Katie Roberts- Emily
Schillings vs. Hackers Schillings beat Hackers 13-6
Winning Pitcher: JEnna Ignowski relieved by Jayme Obryant
Losing Pitcher: Demi Schrader
Schillings--- Jenna Ignowski 2 singles and a Triple, Nellie 2 singles and a Double, Anna Callahan and Heather Daniels 2 singles
Hackers- Nicole Newman Single……….. Delina Schroeder- Single and Double
6-8 year olds
6-9-04 7:45 on feild 1
Victory Lube vs. Cook Drilling
Good Spirits:
Victory Lube-Megan Jankoviak
Cook-Kaitlyn Dologs
Good Hits:
Victory Lube-Taylor Fillwock &Jordan Rank
Cook-Taylor Nelson &Victoria Shelton
Good Plays:
Victory Lube-Olivia Jordan &Megan McKeel with a double play!
Cook-Bridgette Carpenter &Ciarra Peel
6-8 year olds
6-9-04 6pm on feild 1
State Farm Insurance vs. Tyler's Automotive
Good Spirits:
State Farm-Taylor Liggett
Tylers-Sydney Carlson
Good Hits:
State Farm-Sarah Lightheart &Alicia Tackett
Tylers-Abby Schroeder &Amelia Ernsberger
Good Plays:
State Farm-Sarah Lightheart
Tylers-Amelia Ernsberger