Library week promotes wealth of resources here

Published 1:36 pm Saturday, May 8, 2004

By By ERIC COWDEN / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- The recently-completed National Library Week once again proved to be a success.
The Niles District Library hosted weeklong events including daily information sessions, a book raffle, a book sale, and more events designed to encourage library patronage.
The annual event, sponsored by the American Library Association, seeks to introduce the public to the library's wealth of resources.
Conrad Rader, Adult Services librarian, said, "You use your library all year round, but National Library Week is when we really make an all-out effort to say 'Hey, this is what the library does for the community.' "
The life a librarian is difficult yet rewarding.
Librarians work hard to help patrons find the information they seek. As a tribute, Tuesday was Library Workers Appreciation Day. Amidst all the library celebrations, it is important to remember and honor the librarians who make it all possible.
What exactly is a librarian?
According to Rader, a librarian is a library worker with a master,s degree, although he admits that's up for debate.
Despite their differing duties, all workers function as a team.
Clearly none of these workers worry much about terminology. Rader admitted that "as long as there's someone who's got the education and the interest, being a librarian is also a state of mind."
Four credential librarians work as the Niles District Library, along with numerous others who often have many more years of experience behind them.
At the heart of it, being a librarian is about helping people.
Library patrons have more on their minds than help finding books. The Niles District Library receives questions ranging from car repair to furnace maintenance, in addition to legal inquiries.
More recently, people have needed help with tax forms.
Director Nancy Campbell handles the administrative aspects of the library, in addition to planning and overseeing.
How user-friendly is the Niles District Library? According to a recent survey, most people find what they want.
Campbell admitted that many of them "actually enjoy that process of just looking around." Those who come in with specific goals often miss out on the wealth of knowledge found by browsing.
The future is bright for the library, but library workers continue to have their work cut out for them.
Thanks to National Library Week, more people are learning how useful the library can be. Let's remember to value our librarians and the services they make available to us.