Drug team’s impact felt across Cass

Published 6:21 am Monday, February 23, 2004

By Staff
DOWAGIAC -- Cass County Drug Enforcement Team (CCDET) opened 80 cases with 92 felony and nine misdemeanor charges in 2003.
The CCDET indicted two individuals in federal court, Christopher Boose and Diemetrius Lanier.
Each received 10 years in federal prison.
The investigations, along with Boose's admissions, led him to plead guilty of trafficking more than 100 "keys" of cocaine in southwest Michigan.
The CCDET also assisted in three major Sheriff's Office cases -- the Ahmed Williams murder trial, Lindsay Ryan's kidnapping and the shooting at The Cottage.
Two of the individuals' captures and confessions of the shooting at the tavern just outside Dowagiac directly resulted from a CCDET confidential informant.
Caseload included 37 for methamphetamine, 34 for marijuana and 23 for cocaine.
Forfeiture proceedings yielded $14,675.80.
Auction of vehicles and property seized produced $33,375.
Charges by jurisdiction:
Dowagiac, 17 crack; 18 marijuana; one meth.
Vandalia, one crack.
Marcellus, two meth, four marijuana.
Cassopolis, four meth, including one lab.
Porter, six meth, including one lab, five marijuana, two weapons, three obstructing.
Wayne, four meth, including one lab, one marijuana.
Volinia, two meth, including one lab, two marijuana.
Silver Creek, seven meth, including one lab, one marijuana, one weapon.
Penn, two meth labs, three marijuana, one weapon.
Ontwa, two meth, including one lab, one marijuana, one weapon.
Newberg, five meth, seven marijuana, one stolen property.
Mason, one meth, one marijuana, one weapon.
Marcellus, two meth, two marijuana, one stolen gun.
Howard, five crack, four marijuana.
Calvin, two crack, three meth, including one lab, one weapon.