Second interview for new Cass superintendent

Published 5:35 am Thursday, February 12, 2004

By By MARCIA STEFFENS / Cassopolis Vigilant
CASSOPOLIS -- A second interview with superintendent candidate William Tujuillo Monday evening by the Cassopolis School Board answered may have narrowed the search, but could still leave a delay in filling the position.
Tujuillo told the board he would like to complete the master schedule at his school of 1,386 students before taking on a new position.
Principal of Mona Shores High School in Muskegon for the past six years, Trujillo was one of six candidates the board has been interviewing. A site visit to his district will be held soon.
A Purdue University graduate, Trujuillo told the board he would suggest a five year strategic plan for the district. He added he was "passionate about curriculum.
It was important to "know people on a personal level," he added, and "be visible."
He added, "I'm a tireless worker. I don't mind putting in the time."
He promised to keep the media well informed saying, "I would be vigilant."
If chosen and accepted, Trujillo who enjoy hiking 14,000 foot mountains, would appreciate the area lakes as a sailor, though he just sold his boat and switched to kayaking.
In other business:
He assured the board and guests constant supervision of the bathrooms and halls is being done by Officer Jermy Carlisle and these actions will not be tolerated.
A $100 reward has been offered for information which leads to the suspension of those involved.