Miltenberger resigns Pokagon post

Published 2:36 am Thursday, January 15, 2004

By By JOHN EBY / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- Pokagon Township Trustee Charles Miltenberger submitted his resignation Wednesday night, ending an almost 25-year public service career in grassroots government.
Miltenberger, a Democrat, moved back to Niles, his hometown, after 48 years in the township.
Miltenberger, accompanied by his wife, Barb, admitted the job was especially challenging in the days he was an active dairy farmer -- trying to stay awake into the night after a long day that began early with the milking of 100 cows.
Miltenberger outlasted six supervisors. Supervisor John True is the seventh with whom he's served.
Three treasurers shared Miltenberger's tenure -- Victor Wyant for two decades, Dixie Horn and Lynn Schantz.
Wyant, who was in the audience as he usually is, "was a good role model to sit beside. There was nobody more dedicated in caring for the people of Pokagon Township," Miltenberger said.
Miltenberger also praised Commissioner Johnie Rodebush as "our favorite" county board member. "You always bring something to us. If we say we've got a problem, you come back to us."
Board members also remembered Edward Dohm, who served on the township Planning Commission for a number of years "and was very faithful," Preston said. "He will be missed."
Mr. Dohm, 83, died Dec. 30, 2003.