School van rolls over; no serious injuries

Published 1:45 am Wednesday, January 7, 2004

By By JAN GRIFFEY / Niles Daliy Star
NILES -- A Niles Community Schools mini-van rolled over Tuesday morning when its driver hit an icy patch and slid off the roadway.
Neither the driver of the van nor the one student passenger on board was seriously injured.
Bill Kennedy, director of special education for Niles Community Schools and principal of Southside School, said both were transported by ambulance to Lakeland Hospital, Niles.
However, the driver, Gretchen Kujawa, was held for tests before being released from the hospital.
He said the driver of the bus was near Sawyer, on the way to pick up a student in New Buffalo when the accident occurred.
Kennedy said after hitting the ice and driving off the road, the van rolled over when it went into a ditch.
He said the van was actually upside down when it came to a stop.