Away from home for Christmas

Published 12:45 am Wednesday, December 24, 2003

By By Anna Swanson / Special to the Niles Daily Star
I am so proud of my husband. I always have been and I suspect that I always will be. He is a very committed and loyal man. Whether it's to his family, his friends, his civilian job, or his country there is no difference.
He works hard at what he does and he gets the job done right the first time. Right now he is serving in the military on his second year long deployment since Sept.11.
He knows what he is doing with the Army is for his country and all those who reside in it as well as for the rest oft he world.
This goal is to make the world safe from terror. he has never complained about his mission and while there are times that he is homesick and can not barely stand another moment from Niles, he is still doing his jon with th military to the best of his ability the only way he knows how. How could you not be proud of a man like that?
Two weeks ago, while I was contemplating whether or not I was going to show up to his work Christmas party, I received a call from him urging me to go to it. he asked that I go to it, if only to tell everyone Merry Christmas from him.
So in my depression, I decided to honor his wishes and go to the party.
I told everyone there that my husband wishes them a very Merry Christmas. however, I don't feel like I quite got the job done right (the way he would). In honor of him I wished I could tell the whole city Merry Christmas from him.
So as to include not only his co-workers but also all of his friends, family, and anyone else that may or may not know him. So I am asking you if you could help me, in honoring him, and to share this very special phase form my husband, Scott Swanson,to the whole City of Niles.
Editor's note: Niles residents Anna and her husband Scott have three sons: Jonathan, 7 and twins Jacob and Joseph, 4.