Trinity’s organ provides 50 years of songs of praise

Published 11:42 pm Saturday, December 13, 2003

By By JOANNA ARNETT / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- Trinity Episcopal Church, on the corner of Fourth and Broadway, will hold a celebration very dear to its heart this Sunday.
Donald Lunden, Choirmaster and Chair of the Organ Committee, explained the organ's history.
The organ, which, when built, was appraised at $35,000, is today now worth $400,000.
The organ has a total of 1,700 pipes, which run through the ceiling opposite and behind the wall closest to the pews. There are several brassy ornamental pipes facing the congregation, but they are not used to produce sound.
The late Ring Lardner, who was a famous humorist writer of the 1920s, working for both the Chicago Tribune and the Saturday Evening Post, was born in Niles and lived here for a number of years.
As a young boy, Lardner helped pump the bellows of an organ which preceded he present one, and his carved initials can be seen today in the wooden panels in the hallway.
The Rev. Frank Schuster is very excited about the organ celebration.
The program will also feature the Chancel and Chime choirs and the Fourth Avenue vocal quartet.