Window art puts school in holiday spirit

Published 11:17 pm Tuesday, December 9, 2003

By By JOANNA ARNETT / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- What better way embrace the season at school than by spicing up the windows with holiday scenes?
Kathy Egbert, art instructor at Brandywine Junior/Senior High School, has seen some pretty amazing windows; however, "I can't really think of just one that's my favorite," she says.
Egbert, who's been a teacher at Brandywine High School for 22 years, has until a few years ago taught primarily high school students. The old junior high building on 13th Street, which now houses third through sixth grades, was where Egbert cut her teaching teeth, so to speak.
Just this year they have me teaching both seventh and eighth grade. It's . . . it's a challenge," she laughs.
Up until a few years ago, the high school students went to Lakeland Hospital downtown and painted the windows in the pediatric corridor.
Nearly every clear window in the building has been chosen by some budding young artist to fill with color. The ones most quickly taken are the windows in the western corridor outside of the counselor's office, where most of the student traffic passes, and of course the towering windows in the lunch room.
The traditional standbys are scenes featuring the gang from the Peanuts comics, Winnie the Pooh, and nostalgic scenes featuring quiet snow-covered cabins or Christmas eve with Christmas trees and fireplaces.
Of course, there are always a few that sneak in scenes that feature the cartoon South Park's characters.
Junior Michelle DeMeulenaere is painting a globe with Santa's workshop and the North Pole on top.