Brandywine 6th graders share spirit of holidays

Published 10:48 pm Tuesday, December 2, 2003

By By JOANNA ARNETT / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- Ms. Christner's sixth grade class has gotten into the holiday spirit of serving the community, but for a different reason.
One of their very own, a homebound student by the name of Kyle Roush, has had a series of surgeries this fall.
As each student spoke a little bit about their fundraisers and what they still plan to do, a beautifully decorated scrapbook made for Kyle was passed around the board members.
The students held a Hat Day on Friday, Nov. 7. Students paid a donation of anywhere from $1 to $20 to wear a hat during school hours, which is normally forbidden. They managed to raise a little more than $400 that day alone.
The children also held a skating fund raiser at Galaxy Roller Rink, Ontario Road near South 11th Street, where they raised a whopping $4,000 that night.
The children will also be bringing in unperishable and canned foods and clothing to donate to local men's and women's shelters. They have two weeks left in which to bring in items.
In board news, Interim Superintendent Gary Campbell announced that two weeks from Monday night, the board will make the decision on whether or not to offer Schools of Choice in the second semester.
Campbell also gave a facility improvement update.
Board President James Curran embellished on Campbell's point.
Campbell also spoke on the State of Michigan financial crisis. The state is currently looking at ways to reduce $350 million in the student foundation allowance.
The Brandywine School District alone could stand to lose $196 per student, coupled with the loss of new students coming to the district. The foundation allowance is currently $6,700 per student, which would equal out to a little over $300,000 in lost revenue for the school district. "I'm a staunch Republicrat," he said. "Gov. Jennifer Granholm is planning to pause the scheduled reduction of state income tax. Not stop, just pause. Frankly, when Rep. Ron Jelinek (R-Three Oaks) hears from me, he just figures, what else can I do? I'm a school advocate, one of many. But if he hears from you, a concerned citizen, it means much, much more."
Campbell urged the crowd to contact their representatives and officials to display their feelings on what needs to be done finance-wise.