Band appeals for funds

Published 10:39 pm Monday, December 1, 2003

By By BEN RAYMOND LODE / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- Five Brandywine Band members gathered at the Niles Post office recently to finish a fund raiser that will help the band throughout the coming year.
Two weeks ago, 48 Brandywine Band members began the campaign by folding letters, hand stuffing and hand addressing 1,265 envelopes.
The letters, that were sent out to families in the Brandywine community on Saturday, request donations to support the band.
Theresa E. Harrison, Brandywine Band Parents president, said funds raised from the campaign will be used for private lesson and summer band camp scholarships, concert band uniforms, marching band camp and instruments.
She is glad that so many of the band members have been involved with this year's fund raiser.
Harrison said the letter campaign makes up a large part of the band's annual budget.
Last year, the letter campaign raised $3,900, she said.
Although the money raised will go to pay for regular band expenses, Harrison said a considerable amount of the money will this year be spent on replacing outdated marching band uniforms for the next marching season.
Kim Hechtl, a Brandywine Band mom, said the letter campaign beats door-to-door campaigns.
And, she was amazed at the turnout and dedication of the band members who volunteered.
The Brandywine Band Parents don't send students on a door-to-door fund- raising campaign because of the concern for their safety. Instead, they appeal directly to the community for support in the form of a donation or gift to the Brandywine Band Parents.