Niles football well-represented in All-West awards

Published 9:57 pm Friday, November 21, 2003

By By DAN WEISS / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- The Niles varsity football team was recognized by the Big-16 West Division recently as 13 Vikings received All-West Division recognition.
Six Niles players received First Team status. Senior defensive end Rob Schuelke, senior linebacker Stacy Caskey and senior rover back Marcus Lawshea each made the First Team for defense. Junior center Matt Richardson, senior tight end Ivery Cross and senior running back Lonnie Jones each made the First Team for offense.
Senior lineman James Edwards made the Second Team for defense while senior lineman Nick Merrick and punter Lawshea made the Second Team for offense.
Senior lineman Jeff DePoy and senior defensive back Eddie Fultz made the Honorable Mention list for defense. Sophomore tight end Lyle Watson and senior wide receiver Kyle Isabel made the Honorable Mention list for offense.
Here is the complete list of All-West Division awards.
First Team
Interior linemen: Scott Wiltsie, Lakeshore; Arion Jenkins, Benton Harbor; Nick Grenke, St. Joseph
Ends: Rob Schuelke, Niles; Adarius Buckles, Benton Harbor
Linebackers: Stacy Caskey, Niles; Kameron Belew, Dowagiac; Chris Wolgamuth, Lakeshore
Rover back: Marcus Lawshea, Niles
Secondary: Eric Kern, Lakeshore; Greg Ward, St. Joseph; Larry Edwards, Benton Harbor
Kicker: Nick Sherrill, St. Joseph
Second team
Interior linemen: James Edwards, Niles; Ryan Withorn, Dowagiac; Lonzale Hill, Benton Harbor
Ends: Jim Kehrer, Dowagiac; Alex Phalen, St. Joseph
Linebackers: Steve Winter, Lakeshore; Mark Saylor, St. Joseph; Tommie Dortch, Benton Harbor
Rover back: Chad Jurgenson, Dowagiac
Secondary: Darr Phillips, Dowagiac; Robbie Ferrier, Dowagiac; Nathan Broehm, Lakeshore
Kicker: Steve Winter, Lakeshore
Honorable Mention
Interior linemen: Jeff DePoy, Niles; Schuyler File, Dowagiac; Kyle Krukowski, Lakeshore; Jim Thompkins, St. Joseph
Ends: Andy Gebhard, Lakeshore; Andre Osby, Benton Harbor
Linebackers: Richie Burling, Dowagiac; Joique Bell, Benton Harbor; Hunter Wright, Lakeshore; Rod Laylin, Dowagiac
Rover backs: David Allen, St. Joseph; Larry Edwards, Benton Harbor
Secondary: Jay McCree, Benton Harbor; Tyler Radde, St. Joseph; Eddie Fultz, Niles
Kicker: Hillary Bisnett, Dowagiac
First Team
Center: Matt Richardson, Niles
Guards: Jim Kehrer, Dowagiac; Adam Benke, Lakeshore
Tackles: Andrew Hartline, Lakeshore; Mike Johnson, Dowagiac
End: Ivery Cross, Niles
Wide receivers: Nick Freer, Lakeshore; Sean Baptist, St. Joseph
Quarterback: Shaine Tierney, Lakeshore
Running backs: Lonnie Jones, Niles; Steve Hicks, Lakeshore; Micah Nelson, Lakeshore
Punter: Andrew Schueneman, St. Joseph
Second Team
Center: Peter Stevens, St. Joseph
Guards: Jim Thompkins, St. Joseph; David Mason, Benton Harbor
Tackles: Nick Merrick, Niles; Cody Lovell, St. Joseph
End: Landon Reed, Dowagiac
Wide receivers: Dan Lafond, St. Joseph; James Payno, Benton Harbor
Quarterback: Andrew Schueneman, St. Joseph
Running backs: Bryan Powell, Dowagiac; Byron Broyles, Benton Harbor; Joique Bell, Benton Harbor
Punter: Marcus Lawshea, Niles
Honorable Mention
Center: Rob Duszynski, Dowagiac
Guards: Phil Geisler, St. Joseph; Larry Jones, Benton Harbor
Tackles: Steven Williams, Benton Harbor; Henry Krohne, Dowagiac; Tyler Blosser, Lakeshore; Davie Dumones, Benton Harbor
End: Lyle Watson, Niles
Wide receivers: Kyle Isabel, Niles; Marcullous Burton, Benton Harbor
Running backs: Duane Davis, Dowagiac; Aaron Dyson, Benton Harbor
Punters: Chad Jurgenson, Dowagiac; Adam Benke, Lakeshore