Grandmother’s wedding gift worth the wait

Published 9:20 pm Saturday, November 15, 2003

By By BEN RAYMOND LODE / Niles Daily Star
NILES - Twenty three years ago, Elsie Dougan of Niles made a promise to her granddaughter, Tanya Dougan-Kener.
Her promise was to knit her granddaughter a 70- by 90-inch horse head quilt, which would be completed by the time Tanya got married.
But when arthritis struck, Elsie was unable to finish the project herself.
But with the help from Terry, and her great-granddaughter, Casey Dougan-Kener, Elsie has finally been able to fulfill the promise she gave her grand daughter.
The result is a large quilt in which the large knitted horse head is centered.
That was about a month ago and the quilt was completed two weeks ago, 13 years after Tanya got married.
Terry said Elsie had already completed the knitting and all that had to be done was to tie the quilt together.
If not, Terry said, the quilt probably wouldn't have been completed yet.
Casey, who is a student at Ring Lardner Middle School, said she has enjoyed the quilting experience.
But she doesn't think quilting is easy.
Although Tanya knew the quilt was lying around "somewhere," she was surprised when the quilt was given to her.
But Tanya said she certainly enjoyed the quilt which has the image of her favorite animal, a horse.
Although it took a long time to finish this particular quilt, Terry said she has been quilting for many years.
So far, she has completed 32 quilts.
Most of them, she said, are given away to people in her extended family who have a baby.
Terry, however, doesn't quilt all year round.