A flock visits Cass

Published 3:43 am Friday, October 24, 2003

By By MARCIA STEFFENS / Cassopolis Vigilant
CASSOPOLIS -- If you wake up one morning and look out on your front lawn and see pink -- don't dispare -- you've only been flamingoed.
Pastor Bill Bruneau of Penn Friends Church and his wife Bobbie recently had that experience at their home at 509 E. State Street in Cassopolis.
The culprit who sent the flock may never be known, but the FishGate Worship Band will profit from this different kind of fundraiser.
The band members take request and deliver the plastic birds to a friend's yard. Well, maybe they will still be your friend.
The Bruneaus sent the birds off to the block behind their house, to Jackie Proffitt, who does the Cass County's payables and payroll.
She read the note on the screen door but missed the flamingos on her lawn until the next day when she come home from work.
There amongst her flowers and garden lady, scattered on the lawn where the flock of flamingos. "I couldn't believe it," she said.
A note tells what it is about and says who to call to have the birds removed, for a fee of course.
Worried you may be flamingoed again? They also sell insurance against that happening, which is good for three months.
The FishGate Worship Band from the First Church of God in Cassopolis have been playing together since the beginning of this year and are raising money for additional equipment.
The band members include: Dan Polmateer, youth band leader/guitarist; Brittany Polmateer, a freshman at Cassopolis, bass guitarist/vocals; Justin Goins, who is taking classes at South Western, guitarist/vocals; Rachel Smith, a senior at Cassopolis, bass guitarist/vocals; Nathan Smith, a sophomore at Cassopolis, drummer; Sarah Kwast, a junior at Cassopolis, vocals; Derek Miller is a freshman at Elkhart Baptist, vocals; and Jan Wulff, a junior at Decatur, sound.
They play every Sunday night for the First Church of God Youth Group at 6 p.m. All area youths are welcome to attend.
If anyone is interested in having someone flamingoed, or if you just want insurance, please contact the First Church of God, 21083 Spencer Road, Cassopolis, 269/445-8500 or call Vicki Polmateer at 269/641-7391.