Cass County veterinarians selling dog licenses deemed a successful test

Published 12:25 pm Friday, August 8, 2003

By By JOHN EBY / Niles Daily Star
CASSOPOLIS -- Animal Control Director Pat Fetherston Thursday night before the Cass County Board of Commissioners thanked county veterinarians for "participating in a new endeavor that we believe was successful and provided a valuable service to our citizens -- especially our dog owners."
Fetherston said, "According to our computer licensing program, the total number of dog licenses sold in 2002 -- and that's Nov. 1, 2001, through Oct. 31, 2002 -- was 8,841 licenses. Total income was $103,631. On May 15 of this year, dog license sales surpassed 2002 sales. As of today, there have been 9,110 licenses sold, generating an income of $126,405.
From Nov. 1 through February, county, city and township treasurer's offices sold 7,665 dog licenses.
In 2003, county, township and animal control license sales totaled 5,347, or a drop of 1,534 licenses.
Fetherston presented plaques to Dowagiac Animal Hospital, Bergman Vet Medical Hospital, East Shore Animal Hospital and the Center for Animal Health.
State law and county ordinance provide for licensing for dogs 4 months of age or older. But to buy a license requires presenting a valid proof of rabies vaccination from a veterinarian.
State law and county ordinance also provide for the purchase of a dog license at the county treasurer's office beginning Nov. 1 each year, from Dec. 1-Feb. 28 at township or city treasurer offices.
In 2002, the treasurer's office allowed animal control to sell licenses from Dec. 1 through the end of February.
Newly-appointed Treasurer Linda Irwin collaborated with Fetherston on initiating a new dog license service in 2003 that provides Cass County canine owners with essentially one-stop shopping.
Irwin asked county veterinarians to sell dog licenses. "They graciously agreed to initiate a dog license sales program on a trial basis," Fetherston said.