Please shut up!

Published 11:51 am Friday, August 1, 2003

By Staff
Would the judge in the Kobe Bryant case please tell everyone on the prosecution's side of the case to shut up.
I don't care to hear about how she may or may not have had two mental breakdowns. I don't really care that three days after it happened someone said she was at a party talking about the size of any part of Kobe's anatomy.
When is enough, enough? I know I was tired of it one day after the story broke.
Perhaps it's time for the judicial system to put a gag order on all cases. I guess the higher the profile, the more the people in charge ought to put a stop to those talking to the media.
Of course, none of us really know what is the truth in this case. We may never know the real facts. But when "friends" of the accuser drag her through the mud, what will be left for the defense team to do?
In a way I feel sorry for this girl. Whether or not she was actually assaulted, she definitely appears to have some deep emotional issues.
I really would like to feel sorry for Kobe Bryant, but I just can't.
Whether or not he assaulted the girl, he certainly was in the wrong when he let her in his room and cheated on his wife.
And by the way Kobe, thanks a lot.
Your $4 million apology has set the bar so high, us poor schmucks can never probably apologize to our wives again when we screw up.
I saw yesterday that the prosecutor has asked for more money for this case and that other counties in their district may be asked to supply funds if needed.
He better be sure he is going to win this case, but it seems to me he is putting all of his marbles in one bag.
The trial cannot get here fast enough. It cannot get over fast enough.
I would really like to turn on one of the news channels on my television and see them covering something else.
But then again, they will just run it into the ground like they have on this case and many others before it.
Finally, I never thought I would agree that victims names in sexual assault cases should be released to the media, but I am beginning to waffle on that idea.
Is it really fair that the accuser, guilty or innocent, have his name dragged through the mud while the alleged victim hides behind the law. I know that victims in these cases are often afraid to report the crimes, but more and more often, these cases are turning out to be false accusations.
Whether the accused is eventually found innocent or guilty, they must carry that with them for the rest of their lives.
And that probably is as wrong as committing the crime.
Scott Novak is sports editor of the Dowagiac Daily News. He can be reached at