Dohm, Smith capture West Gait Fastgait 8K runs

Published 8:49 am Monday, June 30, 2003

By Staff
Sunshine and nearly perfect temperatures greeted the runners to participated in the West Gait Fastgait on Saturday in and around the Cass County Fairgrounds in Cassopolis. Here are the overall and age division winners:
Overall Event Winners
Men's 8k: Adam Dohm 28:16; Women's 8k: Rita Smith 38:50; Men's 5k run: Justin Gillette 16:27; Women's 5k run: Donna Quick 40:57.
Top Finishers
Men's 8k: age 16-18 Matt Kain; 19-24 Adam Dohm; 35-39 Geryl Miller; 50-54 John Thompson; 55-59 Vaughn Smith; 60-64 Robert Kyle; 65-69 Keith Dingler.
Women's 8k: age 14-15 Christine Cummings; 30-34 Kathleen Terry; 40-44 Rita Smith; 50-54 Annette Boyce; 60-64 Patricia Wolf.
Men's 5k run: age 10-11 Alex Gaskill; 12-13 Ben Kain; 16-18 Austin Thompson; 19-24 Justin Gillette; 35-39 Greg Gaskill; 40-44 Trent Schafer; 60-64 Willis Wapick.
Women's 5k run: age 7-9 Kaity Vandenbos; 14-15 Ann Halbeck; 30-34 Karly Hayman; 35-39 Laura Ezzell; 40-44 Tina Thornburgh; 60-64 Maxine McNary.