Box &Crate edges Dugout

Published 8:30 am Thursday, June 26, 2003

By Staff
Michiana Box &Crate….7
Stephanie Miller earned the pitching victory for Michiana Box &Crate. Jenny Cowen took the loss for Dugout.
Dorea Britton tripled to lead Michiana Box &Crate at the plate. Danielle Held added a double.
Karly Kennedy led Dugout with a single.
Stephanie Stoops and Demi Schrader combined to throw seven strikeouts for Hacker's. Jenna Ignowski fanned eight batters in the loss for Schilling's.
Stoops, Delaine Schroder, Mary Mitchell, Taylor Watson and Nicole Newman each singled for Hacker's
Ignowski and Kayleigh Sabot each hit a single for Schilling's.
East Main….4
Kristina Ford struck out six batters in the victory for East Main. Amber Valentine took the loss for Bridges.
Ford helped her own cause with a triple and two singles for East Main. Ale Wesner added a pair of singles while Ashley Pointer, Kayla Gross, Bridget Carlson and Elizabeth Carlson each hit a single.
Jaclyn Mummaw led Bridges at the plate with two singles and a double. Valentine added a double.
All Points……..7
Erica Gordon struck out six batters and Lauren McCombs fanned five as they manned the pitching circle for All Points. Kendra Zache struck out nine and Cricket Fisher struck out two in the loss for Gallagher's.
Emily Ross and Alexa Perry each hit a double to pace All Points at the plate. Courtney Miller, Gordon, and Lauren Kachur each added a single.
Denise Echevarria led Gallagher's at the plate with two singles and a double. Zache and Fisher each hit two singles while Kaley Jones and Lindsay Craig helped out with one single apiece.
Fifth Street Lazerwash….9
Razor's Edge……………….8
Trisha Teeter and Michelle Dowsett pitched in the victory for Fifth Street. Tara Chamberlain, Kayla Godfrey and Allison Harris each spent time pitching for Razor's Edge.
Liz Shelton led Fifth Street at the plate with two singles. Chelsea Ravish added a double.
Savannah Wolnick led Razor's Edge with two singles and Chamberlain helped out with a double.
St. Paul's….0
Taylor Gordon and Allison Roebeck each pitched for Delta. Brittany Buti took the loss for St. Paul's.
Devyn Roberts led Delta on offense with two singles. Roebeck added a single.
Alex McIntee paced St. Paul's with a double.
Kendra Zache tossed seven strikeouts in the victory for Gallagher's. Demi Schrader took the loss for Hacker's.
Zache also led Gallagher's at the plate with two singles. Dana Betcheck added a double.
Taylor Krumrie hit two triples and a double to lead Hacker's at the plate. Delaine Schroder added a single and a double while Stephanie Stoops helped out with a double.