Niles-Brandywine Girls Softball Association results

Published 7:31 am Monday, June 16, 2003

By Staff
Silverbrook vs. Roberts
Heaven Chambers and Miranda Smallmon of Roberts and Larkin Carey and Makenzie Moody of Silverbrook each had hits. Great defensive plays were made by Jayci Willis and Jenna Smith of Roberts and Brooke Wilson and Abby Mattson of Silverbrook. The Hustle award went to Ashley Classen of Roberts and Hannah Porterfied of Silverbrook.
Missy Blake struck out seven batters and gave up just two hits as she earned the victory for Rifenberg.
Kylee Mudd took the loss for Sherwood.
Blake helped her own cause with a triple, a double and a single.
Lauryn Gibson paced Sherwood with two singles and a double. Lizzy Thorton added a double.
Michiana Box &Crate….11
Jen York fanned six batters in the win for Moose. Carly Gordon struck out seven in the loss for Michiana.
Kerriann Sears led Moose with a grand slam and a triple. Stephanee Schrader added three singles while Vanessa Zehrung, Zoe Richard and Shelly Aurand each hit two singles.
Cara Frucci led Michiana with a double and a single. Tessa Harris, Dorea Britton, Minica Bender and Gordon each doubled.
East Main….10
Kayla Gross and Krysty Ford each tripled to lead East Main at the plate.
Jennifer Cowen, Karly Kennedy and Krystal Williams each hit a double for Dugout.
Laura Martin led Bridges at the plate with a double.
Jessica George led Fuller's with two doubles and Becky Modlin added a double.
Lows vs. Schraders
total of 5 hits: Saranda Lary, Rachel Ort, Andrea Sabat, Mackenzie Shelton, Abby Rzepka, Ciara Peel and Andrea Bromley
4 hits: Sarah Toth
3 hits: Rachel Gleason and Jessica Stover
total of 5 hits: Deven Armstrong and Morgan Antus
4 hits: Taylor Nelson and Emily Mullins
3 hits: Lauren Skalla
2 hits: Victoria Shelton and Cierra Brattian
date: 6-14-03
teams: winning- 5th Street
losing- Razors Edge
Age division: 9-10 yr olds
winning pitcher: Trisha Teeter runs: 7 Hits: 3 Strikeouts: 4
losing pitcher: Paige Cordell runs: 6 Hits: 2 Strikeouts: 2
Top hitters:
5th street
trisha teeter- 1 single
Michelle dowsett-1 triple 1 double
Razors Edge
Savanna Wolnik- 2 singles
Sarah Smith- 1 double
line score: 1 2 3 4 final
razors edge: 0 0 5 10 10
5th street 0 4 6 9 9
Here are the games from 6-13-03
13-16 Year Old Division
Sherwood: 13
Moose: 3
Winning PItcher: Kylee Mudd 0 runs, 2 Hits, and 1 Strikeout
Losing PItcher: Jenny York 10 runs, 11 Hits, 2 Strikeouts
Top Hitters: Sherwood-Kylee Mudd, 2 singles; Andrea Henry, 2 singles, Kalie Newman, 1 single, 1 double Moose: Zoe Richard, 1 single; Linsey Ross, 1 single; Shelly Aurand, 2 singles
Michiana Box &Crate: 2
Rifenburg: 0
Winning Pitcher: Carly Gordon, 0 runs, 1 hit, and 2 strikeouts
Losing Pitcher:Annalee Nelson 2 runs, 3 hits, and 3 strikeouts
Top Hitters: Michiana Box &Crate- Tessa Harris 1 single, Amanda Franch, 1 single, Stepanie Miller 1 single. Rifenburg- Danielle Carpentar 2 singles, Missy Blake 1 single.