Memorial Weekend 5/10K announces winners

Published 6:06 am Thursday, May 29, 2003

By Staff
Lakeland Athletic Club hosted the Memorial Weekend 5/10K run and walk on Saturday.
Winners were crowned in the women's 10K run, men's 10K run, women's 5K run, men's 5K run and women's 5K walk.
Christine Cummings was the overall women's 10K winner with a time of 50:35.
Jim Geiger was the overall men's 10K winner with his time of 44:45.
Samantha Brawley was the overall women's 5K winner with a time of 20:05.
Mike Carey was the overall men's 5K winner with a time of 17:48.
Andrea Vernier and Cindy Sivak shared the top place in the women's 5K walk with a time of 43:40.
Here is the complete list of overall winners and age category winners.
10K Women
Overall Winners
First place: Christine Cummings 50:35
Second place: Annette Boyce 52:14
Third place: Jennifer Schneider 52:49
Age Group Categories
First place: Alison Hughey 61:03:00
First place: Sherrie Wheeler 67:31:00
First place: Barb Miller 60:19:00
Second place: Carol Lee Vanatta 67:31:00
10K Men
Overall Winners
First place: Jim Geiger 44:45
Second place: Mark Lenyo 44:50
Third place: Justin Anderson 52:49
Age group categories
First place: Terence Walker 58:02:00
5K Walk women
Overall Winners
First place: Andrea Vernier/Cindy Sivak 43:40
Second place: Brandy and Julie Blaylock 52:35
Third place: Liz Stoll 60:42
5K Run women
Overall winners
First place: Samantha Brawley 20:05
Second place: Kathleen Schelstraete 22:19
Third place: Gabriella Harrison 23:56
Age group categories
First place: Katie Weiss 24:53:00
First place: Jodi Kayser 24:45:00
First place: Sue Shrider 24:26:00
Second place: Cathy Glei 28:43:00
First place: Melissa Nelson 24:10:00
5K Run men
Overall Winners
First place: Mike Carey 17:48
Second place: Tom Andrejeski 18:39
Third place: Allen Gunter 19:29
Age group categories
First place: Kevin Brothers 25:30:00
First place: Chris Dewey 22:19
Second place: Scott Shrider 24:26:00
First place: David Nelson 24:20:00
Second place: Steven Glei 27:51:00
First place: Alan Price 23:26
Second place: Jack Frost 24:29:00
First place: Jack Reichert 25:38:00
First place: Bruce Kayser 24:00:00
First place: Dave Ferency 26:40:00
Second place: David Fish 28:27:00
First place: Bob Root 25:21:00
70 over
First place: William Campbell 29:16:00
Second place: Ray Carey 35:01:00