Youth sports results

Published 5:33 am Thursday, May 22, 2003

By Staff
Brandywine Cal
Ripken Jr. Babe Ruth
Jacob Obrien led the Mariners with three singles. Trent Carpenter and Jordan Lintz each added two singles.
Chris Ludwig, Mason Crane and Austyn Zimmerman each hit three singles for the Dodgers.
Red Sox…………13
Dylan King threw six strikeouts and gave up just two hits as he earned the pitching victory for the Red Sox. Brendon Nichols took the loss for the Diamondbacks.
Colin Latislaw paced the Red Sox with three singles and Jeremy Becker added two singles.
Bradley Millin led the Diamondbacks with two singles.
Dustin Bell hit two doubles to lead the Braves. Dominique Pompey added a pair of singles.
Zachary Edquist and Dillian Bailey each singled for the Cubs.
Cody Udell fanned nine batters in three innings and gave up just one hit on his way to the win for the Reds. Cameron Smallman relieved Udell.
Cody Pierson took the loss for the Angels.
Taylor Ort led the Reds with a two-run homer, a solo home run and a double. Devin Backus hit three singles and Udell hit two doubles.
Bill Coar led the Angels with a single.
Red Sox….22
Colin Latislaw led the Red Sox at the plate with two doubles and two singles. He also earned the pitching victory. Jeremy Becker added two singles.
Conrad Smallman took the loss for the Pirates. Patrick Vankirk led the Pirates at the plate with two singles.
Blue Jays….22
Michael Pancoast led the Jays with a triple and two singles. David Tharp and Kody Ernsperger each had three singles and Evan Hartman added a triple and a single. Blake Lerner, Alexander Walter and James Sanders each helped out with two singles.
Andrew Duckett, Austin Ford, Landon VanWinkle and Kenny Laurita each hit two singles for the Rangers.
Tyrin Libertowski led the Giants with a double and two singles. Zachary Schmidt, Ryan Becker and Jacob Wright each added three singles while Chad Brooks and Blake King helped out with two doubles apiece.
Derek Mills and Mason Crane each had two singles for the Dodgers and Darren Knight hit a single.
Aaron Marquardt led the Indians with three singles. Austin Searles added a pair of singles.
Matt Liebetrau paced the Cardinals with two singles and Jonathon Gleason helped out with a single.