Police detain man for alleged car theft

Published 5:08 am Monday, May 19, 2003

By By BEN RAYMOND LODE / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- A man was arrested in Niles Thursday for larceny from a motor vehicle.
Jeffrey Lee Davis, 25, Cherry St., Niles, was arrested after an employee at the Ready Theater reported to dispatch that a person was allegedly stealing property from a vehicle in the parking lot at Fourth and Main streets.
In the lead-up to the arrest, the police report said the complainant, who allegedly saw Davis inside his own vehicle, confronted Davis in the parking lot.
Davis, who was allegedly stealing CDs from the complainant's vehicle, when confronted, handed the CDs back to the complainant, the police report said.
The police report said Davis, who allegedly told the complainant he thought the car was his girlfriend's, then walked away from the parking lot.
Davis then allegedly left the parking lot and walked north bound on Fourth and Main streets, the police report said.
The police report said when the dispatched officer arrived, he found Davis walking north bound on Sycamore Street.
The officer made contact with Davis in the 600 block of Ferry St., the police report said.
The police report said the complainant was then transported by another dispatched police officer to that block of Ferry Street to confirm Davis identity as the suspect, the police report said.
When Davis' identity as the suspect was allegedly confirmed, police advised Davis he was under arrest for larceny from a vehicle and was then placed in handcuffs, the police report said.
The police report said Davis was transported to the Niles Police Department where he was booked and lodged.
Bond was set at $500, the police report said.
In other reports:
Niles Township Fire Department Lt. Michael Pese, said it's believed the fire started after the residents allegedly inadvertently turned on the kitchen fan, which subsequently shorted out, apparently starting the fire.
Pese estimates damages caused by the fire to between $500 and $700.
He said no physical injuries were reported at the scene of the fire.
One policeman from the Niles Township Police Department assisted the township fire fighters at the scene of the fire, Pese said.