Code enforcement still a big problem

Published 12:52 am Thursday, May 15, 2003

By By MARCIA STEFFENS / Cassopolis Vigilant
CASSOPOLIS -- A few residents spoke up at Monday's Council meeting asking when something will be done about the condition of some residences and buildings in the village of Cassopolis.
With the resignation of Gerry Hart, due to health reason, Cassopolis Village Manager Art Sciorra said he has been interviewing for a new code enforcement part time employee at $9.50 an hour.
The annual public notice about noxious weeds and that lawns should be cut has been placed in the paper, he added.
Still, questioned Dr. John Hayman, a local dentist, why should it take so long for action to be taken, such as on the old bowling alley near his office.
Another resident, Jeff Gillam, spoke on the condition of the house at the corner of Jefferson and O'Keefe streets, which began work following the tornado two years ago, but is still boarded and unfinished. "It is an eyesore in the neighborhood," he said.
Concerning new construction or growth in the village, it was noted:
The council also learned:
At a special meeting on April 30 four members of the council present moved to apply for funds through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Another special meeting is planned by the council for Thursday, May 22 to make a final decision on which health care option to choose for village employees.
Facing a over 22 percent price increase, Sciorra offered options such as a 5 or 7 percent cap, with the participants paying the balance with pre-tax dollars.