Edwardsburg man gets jail time for meth possession

Published 12:43 am Monday, April 7, 2003

By By NORMA LERNER / Niles Daily Star
CASSOPOLIS -- A 35-year-old Edwardsburg man was sent to jail on Friday for 120 days for possession of methamphetamine.
Troy Dale Futrell of 70530 Martin Road was imposed the sentence in Cass County Circuit Court by Judge Michael E. Dodge.
Dodge told the court that on Aug. 14, the SouthWest Enforcement Team (SWET) conducted a trash bin search at Futrell's home and found drug paraphernalia.
According to court records, inside Futrell's home there was a significant quantity of marijuana.
Dodge said Futrell was a good candidate for a probation sentence, but it was unfortunate that his life has fallen on hard times.
Defense Attorney Jeff Getting of Kalamazoo said that Futrell is married with children.
The resulting methamphetamine use is one consequence of his daughter dying after being diagnosed with diabetes and the loss of his father last year.
He was working on his marriage and has lots of stress.
Getting said the methamphetamine was for personal use.
Getting asked for a suspended jail sentence or work release since Futrell is drawing unemployment and is in negotiations with his former employer about employment.
In another Edwardsburg sentencing, 17-year-old Adam Nelson of 25748 Harris St. received 30 days in jail for stealing and receiving property of $200 or more but less than $1,000 from Todd Boeve on Aug. 29, 2002. The money was from a stolen safe in the Boeve home, and Nelson was found to have possession of items in the safe. This took place while Nelson was on probation from another offense.
Nelson also received another 30 days in jail for operating a vehicle while under the influence of liquor with a blood alcohol level of .14 percent on Jan. 2, over the legal limit of intoxication at .10 percent, Dodge said.
Dodge said these are first adult offenses for Nelson and that he has an extensive juvenile court record, adding he has substance abuse problems considering his age. Nelson also got 180 days in jail for fourth-degree fleeing a police officer on Jan. 2. Dodge told the court Nelson needs punishment and structure that the Twin County Probation Program can afford. He also received two years of probation and was ordered to pay a probation supervision fee of $40 a month, $60 to the Crime Victims' Rights fund, $60 DNA testing and $800 in costs. His terms are to run concurrently.
In other sentencings:
Dodge recounted that Herthoge was good friends with the Smith family who operates the lawn-care service. She was their bookkeeper from Sept., 2000, until Jan., 2001, when she embezzled $21,855 from the company by writing checks out of the company account for her own use. Dodge said this conduct was out of character for her.
She was ordered to pay a $600 probation fee, $60 to the Crime Victims' Right fund, $60 DNA testing, $450 in costs and restitution of $21,855.
Dodge said, however, that she was making significant progress and has starting a rehabilitation program.
She was ordered to pay a probation fee of $40 a month, $60 to the Crime Victim's Right fund, $60 for DNA testing, $650 in costs and restitution of $2,592.94.