Hospital construction enters new phase soon

Published 12:35 am Saturday, April 5, 2003

By Staff
ST. JOSEPH -- With the first year of Lakeland Hospital, Niles' three-year construction plan completed, there are many visible changes.
Even more changes to enhance patient care are to come, Lakeland officials say.
The new River Entrance in the back of the hospital will open on April 14 following completion of a renovation of Endoscopy Services and the Pain Clinic, both of which will be accessible at the River Entrance.
At that time, outpatients reporting for surgery, and guests who are visiting inpatients, will be requested to enter at the new River Entrance.
Patients who need laboratory work or imaging services (X-Ray, CT, ultrasound, etc.) services will be requested to enter through the Emergency Room entrance.
This pattern of entrance will continue for some time, as the front entrance will be closing on April 14 to accommodate construction of the consolidated outpatient area and a complete remodel of the A2 floor.
Because of the work being done to the front entrance and drive, the Tree of Love will be relocated to the back of the hospital near the river.
The decision will be made at a later time regarding whether to bring the tree back to the front of the hospital. The building services team is aware of the emotional ties many of the hospital's associates and community members have to the tree and will be thoughtful and compassionate about any decision made regarding its location.
Mike Kastner, director of building services for Lakeland, commented that, "The vision for the future of Niles is strong and associates, physicians, and volunteers are united in their community spirit, loyalty, and sense of ownership. I'm proud of the positive attitudes which have been displayed by those working here amidst this period of disruption, and I am also pleased with all of the positive feedback we are receiving from community members."