Upton to Chamber: No predictions on when war will end

Published 12:02 am Monday, March 31, 2003

By By BEN RAYMOND LODE / Niles Daily Star
NILES -- Congressman Fred Upton doesn't know when the war against Iraq is going to end.
But Upton, representing Michigan's 6th Congressional District, knows everyone is doing their best to end the war as soon as possible.
He shared some of his insight on the war in Iraq at the Four Flags Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting Friday at the Niles Inn and Conference Center.
He said efforts are made to make sure troops have the resources needed to succeed and end the conflict quickly without putting too many lives at risk.
He said if Turkey in the beginning of the conflict had allowed the U.S to use Turkish air space in the war against Iraq, chances to end the war quickly might have been greater.
Turkey demanded $90 billion to allow the U.S to use Turkish airspace, but President Bush had only one billion to offer them, he said.
Upton had no predictions how long this war will last and nobody really knows what the outcome of it will be, he said.
When people were able to ask questions, the questions focused on the war in Iraq and the possibility of future terrorist attacks against the U.S.
Upton said he is very concerned about the threat of terrorism, not only in the U.S, but all over the world.
The U.S, however, is currently doing a good job of preventing terrorist attacks from happening here, he said.
But as long as things are going on in the Middle East, he said people need to be prepared that terrorist attacks can happen.
When asked about the POWs, Upton said U.S authorities think they have been moved to Baghdad, but he didn't think a rescue mission was possible then.
He is appalled by the images shown of the prisoners on TV.
Upton also commented on the media's role in the war and said there were both negative and positive aspects of having embedded reporters being so close to where things are happening.
He is impressed, however, to see the massive support shown for U.S troops in local communities.