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Ringler to remain township treasurer

Published 8:41pm Monday, November 26, 2012

It appears as if James Ringler will remain the Niles Township treasurer even after losing to John Engel in the Aug. 7 Republican primary and the general election Nov. 6.

During a special meeting Monday, the Niles Charter Township Board voted unanimously to appoint Ringler to the treasurer position upon the resignation of treasurer-elect Engel or on Dec. 31.

Engel, who upset Ringler in the Aug. 7 primary, decided prior to the general election he did not want the job. However, Engel’s name remained on the ballot due to state law and voters elected him treasurer.

Jim Stover, township supervisor, said the board had two choices to solve the problem of Engel not wanting to be treasurer. The board could appoint Ringler as treasurer, or the board could take applications for the open position.

The board decided it did not have time to properly go through the application process before the deadline of Dec. 31. At that point, the township would not have a treasurer and could not perform the duties of the treasurer, such as pay bills or sign checks.

Ringler, who has been the township treasurer for 16 years, was excused from the board’s discussion Monday. Prior to asking to be excused, Ringler told the board he would love to be treasurer.

Stover said Engel could still become treasurer if he changes his mind. He has until Dec. 31 to do so.

  • Carl

    So much for democracy.

  • KT in the morning

    Democracy!? You do know Engel resigned before he even won? What would you think the board should do? They voted to fill a vacancy according to law with the most qualified person. We are more than a democracy, we are a Repulblic of law.

  • Becky

    Yepper, we are a “Repulblic”!!!! Whatever that is!!! And didn’t we vote him OUT!?! So goes the thought that my vote actually counts for something!!!!

    • KT in the morning

      And so goes the thought that your candidate was even serious or dedicated enough to actually hold the office for the RIGHT reason and not because he was encouraged by the Kidwell supporters (LOL, oops, sorry, I meant Honest Citizens, whoever they are) to “take over the township”. I am very confident Engel would have served had Kidwell won because his daughter would have been the deputy treasurer then, but we know how that came out. Goes to show the true intentions of some. Don’t worry, you can vote him out again in two years since he was appointed, then you can run another candidate – only pick one who will hold and perform the duties of the office without Kidwell as supervisor.

      • Becky

        Don’t call anyone “MY” candidate because they are NOT!!! Politicians are all a bunch of greedy liars and I don’t trust any of them!!! I was just saying that Ringler was voted out by the majority and the selected few put him back in!!! Doesn’t that sound fishy at all?

        • KT in the morning

          NO! True he was voted out by the majority of the voters but, the board MUST fill a vacancy or the Governor does. The board was also elected by the majority of the voters to do a job. It’s how the system works, like it or not. There will be an election in two years because that, again, is how the system works. I did not read of any board member voting no to his appointment. So, in conclusion, your beef is not really with democracy or the rule of law, just the person or current board members now is it not?

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