boeppleEach week the Social Editor of the Edwardsburg Argus, Laura Rinehart or Lettie Andrus, the wife of the owner would call local homes and gather the social news of the week.

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Jo-Ann Boepple: Social news included who was visiting who in 1959

Published 12:31pm Thursday, September 3, 2009

Descriptions of dinner guests, parties, and visiting others were printed each week in the paper.  Each township had a reporter who turned in the social news of their area.
The social news of 1959 included some of these items.

The PTA Fall Festival chaired by Betty Helmen and Dorothy Skronski featured a Buffet Supper, a Cake Walk, Sweet Shop and Plant and Gift Booths.

Communism was the topic of the September PTA meeting chaired by Mrs. Duane Kirkdorfer.

The Lions Club sponsored the Community Halloween Party and the American Legion and Auxiliary with the Chamber of Commerce held the Community Christmas Party at the American Legion Hall.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Howard were parents of Gary Wayne, weighing in at 8 lb. 1. oz.
Gregg, eight-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maxwell cut his foot on a broken bottle while swimming at Garver Lake and it took nine stitches to close the wound.

Eagle Lake Darbs had a breakfast at the home of Mrs. Harry Lerner.

Miss Nancy Yaw assisted by her mother Mrs. Robert Yaw honored the eighth birthday of her sister Debbie with a party.   Those in attendance were Lynn Howe, Christine Pabreza, Susan and Nancy Westfall, Charles Dryer, Susan Duval, Robin Sanders, Debbie Suess, Janice Yaw, Kim Grover, Norma Airney, Judy, Jerry, Richard and Terry Howard.

A son, Kraig Jon was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Grover weighing in at 7 lb. and 13 oz.
Trudy Burns of the Busy Maidens 4-H Club was awarded a trip to New York City.

Gene Montgomery a pre-med student at Adrian College was awarded the outstanding athlete of 1959 award before his graduation from Edwardsburg High School.

Connie Petraukas celebrated her 16th birthday with a party featuring records and a band consisting of Mike Gaunder, Dick Baugher and Don Cavern.

While these were some of events taking place in Edwardsburg, around the country these scattered things took place.

Three popular automobiles, the Studebaker Lark, Ford Falcon and the American Motors Rambler were introduced. Alaska and Hawaii were added to the states. Tang was introduced. The wheatback penny was replaced with the Lincoln Memorial.

The minimum wage was $1.00, a gallon of gas was 25 cents, milk was $1.01, bread was 20 cents and a postage stamp was four cents. The average yearly income was $5,016 and a Chevy station wagon was $2,970 while a Cadillac Eldorado convertible was $7,401.
Everyone was watching Arthur Godfrey and Friends, Twilight Zone, Bonanza, Dobey Gillis, Dennis the Menace and the Untouchables on television.

Motown records was founded by Barry Gordy and CBS radio cuts four popular soap operas, Backstage Wife, Our Gal Sunday, The Road of Life and This is Nora Drake.

A charter plane transporting Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper went down in Clear Lake, Iowa killing all aboard.

Panty Hose were introduced by the Glen Raven Mills. The first US astronauts were selected for the Mercury Seven

Reading the old 1959 newspapers gives a flavor of what life was then. I hope you have enjoyed this look back to 50 years ago in Edwardsburg.

Jo-Ann Boepple provides Reflections of the Past, a weekly feature from the Edwardsburg Museum Group and Historical Collection. She is a third generation Edwardsburg resident.

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