Niles City Council approves microbusiness licenses for two marijuana businesses

Published 4:00 pm Tuesday, September 12, 2023

NILES — A new marijuana business is one step closer to serving the Niles community and an established marijuana business is ready for its next phase.

BS Ironwood, LLC and Native Michigan Remedies each received approval for Microbusiness Class A Licenses during Monday’s Niles City Council meeting at the City of Niles Fire Department.

A Class A microbusiness can be vertically integrated and is allowed to produce up to 300 plants in-house. It would also allow microbusinesses to purchase and sell mature plants, edibles and other products from licensed operators. Unlike standard microbusiness licenses, Class A microbusinesses are not allowed to process their plants into oils, extracts or infused cannabis products.

According to council reports, BS Ironwood, LLC responded to an RFP for Microbusiness Class A Licenses in the City of Niles on July 26. It plans to open its facility at 1641 E. Main St. and will invest nearly $1,000,000 for the purchase and upgrades to the property, formerly an automotive business. BS Ironwood is prequalified through the State of Michigan. Though the City of Niles has not worked with BS Ironwood in the past, they have assured the city that they will comply with all laws and ordinances pertaining to our marihuana program. BS Ironwood also plans to employ approximately 20 employees, thus creating additional employment opportunities for Niles residents.

Per reports, Amar Warraich, single member-manager of BS Ironwood, has displayed extensive knowledge of the marihuana industry in nine other Michigan municipalities. BS Ironwood also assured the city that it has the capital necessary to begin this new endeavor.

Native Michigan Remedies, located at 2112 Industrial Dr., also answered an RFP for a microbusiness Class A license on July 26. NMR currently holds a grower and processor license with the city. During its time in Niles, NMR has passed all inspections necessary and paid all fees associated with their licenses. According to council reports, owners Bill Haas and Brian Crespo plan to invest an additional $100,000 for improvements and modifications to their facility on top of the $3,000,000 they have already invested. NMR recently received their final inspection approval for their processing facility and believes a microbusiness ClassA license will allow them to continue to flourish in the City of Niles. 

Crespo and Haas have been working to make a difference in the community. Crespo is the founder of Niles Neighbors, a local organization that helps the elderly and those with disabilities with beautification efforts at their homes. Niles Neighbors has partnered with Primitiv for a turkey giveaway and toy giveaway during the holidays. Their presence is also noted at City Council meetings.