Walter Wendell Davis

Published 2:13 pm Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Nov. 20, 1940-Aug. 27, 2023


Walter W Davis, beloved husband and father, passed away, surrounded by his family and in the care of hospice, in his own bed at his home in Ormond Beach on Aug. 26, 2023, at the age of 82 after an extended struggle with Parkinson’s disease. His strength in dying was symbolic of his life. He was the steady rock and port in any storm for so many throughout his life.
Walter was born in Niles, Michigan on Nov. 20, 1940, the 8th of 14 children, to Nann and Elisha Davis. He is survived by his wife Christy and children Jenna McWilliams, Rebecca Davis, Bryce Davis, and
Eli Davis, who will all miss him more than can ever be expressed.
Walt loved to coach football and was employed for many years in that capacity while also teaching at-risk high school children. He was known throughout the school system for being compassionate to the children in his care, yet with high expectations for them to do better and to be better, and won multiple awards in this role. In his last days so many family members have expressed their deep appreciation of his presence in their life as a mentor of what manhood should be and he was the same mentor to many, many young men during his career, changing their lives for the better, and helping to put them on a new course to success.
No one could ask for a better husband or father to her children. Walt could and would change a diaper, sew or mend clothing, soothe a baby to sleep, clean the house, fix the car, kiss a boo-boo all better, and still be a strong and steady support for his wife through their 46 year journey through life together. He made it possible, by assuming many parenting roles, for his wife to complete medical school and residency and fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. He helped raise all of his children to be capable and wonderful adults.
Walt was the reigning king of euchre and 5 card draw. He loved working on vintage cars, especially Chevrolets, which were the only make allowed in his garage. He loved race cars and competed in drag racing in his younger years but later also learned to appreciate “roundy round” Nascar racing. Football was his greatest love: playing, watching, and coaching. He always acted and looked much younger than his years and remained active and athletic until Parkinson’s took its toll. He was a champion golden gloves boxer in his 20s. He actually walked on to the Michigan State football team AT 37 YEARS OF AGE and made the team!
Speaking of Michigan State, he bled green and white and named one of his boxer dogs Sparty and another Izzo, and MSU has lost one of its greatest supporters. We are sure he will be sporting green and white in the heaven he so deserves.
Walt will also be deeply mourned by many brothers and sisters and cousins and nieces and nephews and sister and brothers-in-law and mother and father-in-law and so many others who whose life he touched and who will all miss his presence in their lives. He asked to be cremated and preferred not to have a formal funeral service but all who knew him will be creating a forever memorial in their heart for him that will never die. Rest in peace, Beloved.