Teachers Remain a Driving Force for the Next Generation

Published 3:00 pm Saturday, April 29, 2023

A thriving school system is one of the essential components of a strong community and the backbone of any school system is its teachers. The importance of teachers cannot be understated – not only are they instructing our students on a wide array of academic topics, they also provide vital social, emotional and behavioral guidance.  With Teacher Appreciation Week on the horizon, we want to highlight teachers in the community, their importance in child development and the insurmountable weight our amazing team pulls to help provide a learning environment for Niles students to thrive. 

During the school year, children are spending five days out of the week with their teachers, building bonds and progressing on their academic journeys. For Niles teachers, this time is spent providing the knowledge, resources and opportunities to drive success. This is an important responsibility, and our teachers continue to demonstrate their steadfast commitment to our students. Outside of academics, teachers help students learn and develop soft skills, while also helping to address emotional stress and anxiety – issues that can influence students’ mental health. While instruction is the primary goal in academic settings, it is clear that Niles teachers go above and beyond to help our students pursue their passions and find success both inside and outside the classroom.

This combination of responsibilities means that teachers have a significant influence on the development of the children in their classrooms. The years that students spend in school are some of the most impressionable moments in their entire lives, and much of that time is spent with their teachers. When a teacher exemplifies kindness, fairness and understanding for their class, students are much more likely to learn by example and mimic the good behaviors they observe, making a teacher’s performance all the more important.

Teacher Appreciation Week is Monday, May 8 to Friday, May 12. This nationally celebrated week is dedicated to teachers, demonstrating our admiration and appreciation for the educators who work hard to support our students and community. We celebrate teachers every day, but during Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to encourage our school community to help us acknowledge the incredible work teachers do and the challenges they face. Together, we can create a more appreciative culture for educators. During this time, consider reaching out to your child’s teacher, teachers in your neighborhood and the educators who have made a lasting impact on you to thank them for the special care and attention they gave you and many other young minds.  

As we look ahead toward the remainder of the school year, now is the time to begin the student enrollment process. Enrollment is open to all grades, and whether your child is getting ready for kindergarten or high school, our team of educators is ready to advance your child’s skills every step of the way. For more information, please visit our student enrollment information page. There’s never been a better time to be a Niles Viking!

Again, we would like to thank the Niles Community Schools team for their outstanding dedication to the students in our district. We are beyond fortunate to have this team to support our community, and thanks to their compassion, creativity and devotion to those we serve, Niles students are given a safe space to grow academically and foster livelong skills. As always, thank you and Go Vikes!