MSP issues “Spoofing Calls” warning

Published 10:00 am Thursday, March 23, 2023

PAW PAW — The Michigan State Police Wayland Post and Fifth District Regional Dispatch fielded numerous complaints Wednesday, March 22, from Michigan residents who reported receiving “spoof” phone calls using the Wayland post telephone number: (269) 792-2213. 

The suspect callers are informing residents that they either have warrants or being investigated by the MSP. To avoid being arrested, residents are being asked for money in various forms of payment.

MSP is reminding the public that although someone from our agency may contact you via telephone regarding an investigation, warrant, or other official business, we will always identify ourselves by our rank and name. We will also provide a badge number upon request. Additionally, while the MSP may advise a resident over the phone about a warrant for their arrest and a bond amount, we will never ask for you to send money.

All bond payments take place in-person with a uniformed member at the post, on the road, or with court personnel at the applicable court. You will never be asked to send payment in the form of gift cards or a third-party money transfer service such as PayPal, Venmo, Western Union, MoneyGram, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Cash App.

Complaints received this week regarding similar spoof calls have been reported in Berrien, Oakland, and Wexford County. If a caller is contacting you from what appears to be an MSP phone line and is either asking for money to be sent, personal information such as a social security number, or otherwise appears suspicious, please end the call, and notify your local MSP post.