The End of 2022: Looking Ahead to the New Year

Published 7:07 am Saturday, December 24, 2022

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With the calendar year coming to a close, we look back at Niles Community Schools’ 2022 accomplishments with pride, while also eagerly anticipating all to come in the new year. We are only halfway through the school year, and I know that both our school community and the district as a whole will continue to have much to celebrate in 2023. 

As always, everything starts with having a strong school community, and we are fortunate to have that here in Niles. Additionally, we have an incredible team of teachers, staff and administrators at Niles Community Schools who understand and share our mission of providing students with a safe space to learn, grow and play. To that end, we look forward to continuing to make critical updates to learning environments in our buildings and quality of life renovations across the district, providing key improvements that will allow our teachers to deliver the best instruction possible and provide students with the resources necessary to achieve their dreams.

I know that our students will rise to new levels in 2023, building on learning skills they’ve developed while also gaining experience and making memories that will last a lifetime. Along with our commitment, we believe learning goes far beyond the classroom, and we truly appreciate our district’s families as they have not only supported their children, but for also supporting our schools as we continue to equip the next generation with everything they need to succeed. We will work together on this unified vision throughout the second half of the school year. 

The completion of major capital projects and the celebration of student success marked the year of 2022. A major project that will be officially unveiled in 2023 is a new competition turf field at Niles High School. This project was possible thanks to the generosity of our community, and its benefits to the greater Niles community transcends athletics. While this project will provide our student-athletes and award-winning band with a high-quality surface to compete, it shows our commitment and pride in our extracurricular opportunities. We know that these experiences are intrinsically linked to academic success, teaching students the value of teamwork, leadership and responsibility. In the spring of 2023, our Niles girls’ soccer team will open their season on the new competition field, surrounded by their peers, families, neighbors and friends. We can’t wait. 

There is so much more planned and not enough space here to share with you, but please know the excitement will continue in the second half of the school year. Until then, I want to extend my gratitude to our students, families, teachers and staff for their dedication and support, and I look forward to all that we will accomplish in the new year.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support, and Go Vikings! 

Dr. Dan Applegate is the superintendent of Niles Community Schools.