Column: A Chill and a Cheer

Published 1:03 pm Friday, December 23, 2022

As Old Man Winter beckons his fight,

With wind chill and fervor, I’m on to his plight.

The cunning and calculated man that he is,

Sneaks into my house to thwart holiday bliss.

With frost on the windows and wind under doors,

My cozy gets drafty and then goes the floors.

Chilled to the bone, so out comes the layers,

And up go the energies for all of us payers.

Delighting in cold and ice on the veranda,

Old Man finds solace in pushing propaganda.

The news outlets cry with visions of disaster,

Touting Mr. Winter has become our one true master.

Here to stay for months at a time,

Wreaking havoc with coldness and ice all the time.

Freezing my car with arctic abuse,

She finally gives in and calls for a truce.

You got me now my battery is dead,

The old Impala dash is nothing but red.

Bring out the tools and plug in the lamps,

For two hundred dollars you’ll get fifty new amps.

Ah, but the fun just doesn’t stop there,

The driveway is full of snowy despair.

With acts of aggression and charms like a boar,

I cut through the ice and beg for no more.

Frozen and broken, yet sweating profusely,

The clothes on my body are adjusted more loosely.

The cheaper the shovel the better I claimed,

Now spotting a crack and realizing it’s maimed.

Yes, I complain and dread the cold chill,

Walking to and from school, up a big hill,

But, to live in the Midwest there is a good reason,

It’s that amazing thing called a change of season.

The puff of wind that carries the snow,

Magically paints our towns for a show,

There’s good spirit and cheer and a door with a bow,

 A warm hand and smile and friendly hello.

Enjoy the cold air and snow while it’s here,

Soon Mother Nature will switch a new gear,

I’ll wreak of wet grass and paint on the porch,

But that’s a long way away so hand me the torch.

For now, I’ll light an old-fashioned fire,

With wife, children, and dog near flames to admire,

A cookie or two, or three or nine,

Who cares, it’s the holidays I will be just fine.

My wish to you for this special time of year,

Is to eat well, be warm and spread holiday cheer,

Dig deep in your wallet, purse, or your pocket,

Donate some food for a pantry to stock it.

It’s more than a cliché when you talk about giving,

Providing love and joy is crucial to living,

Sharing peace, love and delight is so very right,

Filling souls with happiness will guarantee a good night.


Rich Cains is publisher for Leader Publications