Beaumont, Spectrum announce new name for health system

Published 2:00 pm Tuesday, October 11, 2022

GRAND RAPIDS — BHSH System, the new health system formed in February 2022 by Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health, announced its new name today, Corewell Health, signaling its bold commitment to health and wellness.

Spectrum Health Lakeland Niles Hospital is now officially known as Corewell Health Niles Hospital.

“At our core, we are here to help people be well so they can live their healthiest life possible,” said Tina Freese Decker, President & CEO, Corewell Health. “We recognize the amazing outcomes and history from Beaumont Health and Spectrum Health. Now together, known as Corewell Health, we move forward unified, focused on health and wellness for all. The name selection is especially inspiring as it was influenced by thousands of ideas from our team members who put health and wellness at the core of everything we do.”

 The Corewell Health name is reflective of the system striving toward an ambitious vision: a future where health is simple, affordable, equitable and exceptional. Patients, families and health plan members can expect to receive high-quality care, services and outcomes with a wider breadth of services now available across the state.

“The Corewell Health logo reflects the increasingly synergistic relationship between health care and health coverage, and our ongoing commitment to continuously improve the health of the communities we serve,” said Julie Fream, Chair, Corewell Health System Board of Directors.

An updated palette of bright blues and greens is a combination of existing colors used by Beaumont Health, Spectrum Health and Priority Health, paying homage to the rich history of the organizations. Priority Health’s name does not change with this announcement.

 A planned rollout of the new name that includes signage will begin soon and be phased over the next two years. The announcement comes nine months following the launch of the integrated health system.

The new names of the 22 Corewell Health hospitals and three medical groups may be found here.  Along with the logo and leadership photos, a Corewell Health video also is available.