City council approves columbarium purchase for Silverbrook Cemetery

Published 6:00 pm Thursday, September 15, 2022

NILES — The City of Niles is purchasing a 48-niche columbarium from Coldspring Memorial for Silverbrook Cemetery for $21,379.
The cost of the project will be charged to the Land Improvement Fund.

Due to the increased rate of cremation burials and the increased desire for niche columbaria a master plan was developed along with financial data. After a Committee of the Whole meeting in 2015 it was the City Council’s desire to investigate the project further. Coldspring Memorials quote was at $20,379 for supplying a 48-niche columbarium.

The first and second columbaria are either at or close to being at capacity. In order to maintain uniformity and follow the Master Plan, Coldspring submitted the sole source proposal in the amount of $20,379. The site prep, concrete footings, and landscaping was completed in 2015 for the first four columbaria. 

The only additional cost for the new unit will be crane rental, estimated to be less than $1,000.