Cassopolis author to sign books Saturday at Dussel’s

Published 3:52 pm Wednesday, August 31, 2022

CASSOPOLIS — Deborah Wiggins never saw herself becoming an author.

“Not only did I not have experience, I am a mixed media artist,” she said. “I have a piece in Bonine House. Not once did I ever desire that I would write a book.”

That being said, all it takes is a dream.

Wiggins will be signing copies of her new book “Mississippi meets Minnesota: The Three Strand Cord of Spurgeon and Deb,” from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at Dussel’s Farm Market and Greenhouses, 21765 M-60 Cassopolis.

Published by EA Books Publishing, the book is available online on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Described as “the unlikely and extraordinary love story between two people of opposite geographies, eras, cultures, and colors,” the book tells the story of how Wiggins, originally from Minnesota, met her late husband Spurlock, a black man from Mississippi, and the “creative” lifestyle they lived together for 37 years.

“My husband was probably the most marvelous man on Earth,” she said. “I describe my husband as a man whom this Earth did not deserve.”

Wiggins and her husband lived “a very adventurous life”, she said. The couple had traveled the world together and moved to Cassopolis in 1989. She said they were very active in the community as well as their church.

According to Wiggins, the inspiration for her book came to her in a dream following Spurgeon’s passing two years ago.

“I dreamt and wrote, dreamt and wrote for 10 days,” she said. “When the dreams stopped I had  written 40 pages.”
The next day, Wiggins researched how to write a biography. Using the 40 pages as a rough outline, Wiggins wrote 149 pages that would become her book. As a follower of Christianity, Wiggins believes her dreams were a sign from above guiding her toward writing her book.

“I don’t know how people generally get their writings, but that was strange to me,” she said. ““It’s fascinating the way (God) communicates things. I just thought that process was interesting.”

Wiggins said the feedback from readers has been positive and hopes her book gives couples ideas to better their relationships and foster fulfilling, creative lifestyles through serving God and each other.

“We had a really dynamite relationship,” Wiggins said. “I think couples may read things that help their marriage. We were retired for 32 years when he died. We have led a very extremely creative lifestyle. With COVID, look at all of the creative lifestyles people are moving to because they’re staying at home and have to challenge themselves in many ways. I think this book is a good example of an extremely creative lifestyle pre-COVID.”