Niles approves provisional cannabis license

Published 9:00 am Tuesday, July 12, 2022

NILES — The Niles City Council approved a provisional marijuana processer license for HLF LLC – doing business as Anthos – at the Simplicity Complex, 901 Wayne St.

Anthos is a Michigan and City of Niles licensed Class A marijuana grower located in the Simplicity complex that requested permission to obtain a license to also process marijuana at this location. The Simplicity complex is zoned commercial and there is no restriction on the number of processor licenses that can be issued in this zoning district.

Anthos has paid the required $2,500 application fee. If fully licensed, an additional $2,500 licensing fee will be due to the City.

According to City Administrator Ric Huff, the owner of the Simplicity building has been marketing it in hopes of bringing in marijuana businesses to use the space. Each marijuana business rents space from the building owner, and builds its own building within the complex.