Man saved from cardiac arrest visits first responders who saved him

Published 3:20 pm Friday, June 3, 2022

DOWAGIAC — When a local man was found unresponsive in his front yard, local first responders sprang into action and saved his life.  

On Thursday, that man showed his gratitude with a visit to the local fire department.  

Dowagiac resident Arthur Middleton thanked first responders from the Dowagiac Fire Department, Dowagiac Police Department and Pride Care Ambulance for saving his life on May 15 when he was found under cardiac arrest at a residence on Sheldon Street.  

The morning of the incident, the Dowagiac Fire and Police Departments were dispatched to a call reporting a man down in the yard who was not breathing and had no pulse, according to a release from Dowagiac Fire Chief Anthony Stewart. Fire and Police arrived on the scene within two minutes of the dispatch, and immediately utilized an automatic external defibrillator to begin lifesaving intervention. 

Middleton received his first of five total shocks from the AED within 34 seconds of public safety arrival.  CPR and other medical interventions were performed on Mr. Middleton by public safety personnel, and a pulse and breathing were restored.  He was transported to Ascension Borgess Lee Hospital for further treatment.   

Arthur is completely recovered and suffers no effects from his cardiac arrest incident, according to the release. According to a Facebook comment from daughter Barbara Etzel, Middleton was thrilled to thank the people who saved his life. 

“I was there, a really great group of guys,” Etzel said. “Can’t thank them enough.” 

According to Stewart, firefighters, police, and EMS personnel were honored and thrilled to have Arthur stop by the fire department to meet the local first responders who assisted in saving his life 

“On behalf of the Dowagiac Fire and Police Departments we wish Arthur and his family the best and are extremely happy that he is here to meet us,” Stewart said. “We remain honored and grateful to serve our community.”