Dowagiac students receive more than $860K in scholarships

Published 3:33 pm Thursday, May 19, 2022

DOWAGIAC — Prior to their upcoming graduation, local high school students headed to college got a big financial lift to use toward the future of their education. 

Dowagiac Union High School seniors were honored for their academic achievements and presented with more than $860,000 in scholarships during the school’s Class of 2022 Honors Ceremony on Wednesday in the high school gymnasium. 

“I am blessed to join you tonight as we celebrate the terrific dedication of our students – especially the Class of 2022 for what they’ve been through,” said Dowagiac Superintendent Jonathan Whan. “On behalf of the board of education, the community and staff, we congratulate you for your perseverance, having flexibility, grit and the successes you have acquired throughout the last four years. … I believe that wherever you go and whatever you do, Chieftains will lead and succeed.” 

Scholarships awarded varied from hundreds of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars each. The largest scholarship awarded was the Providence Scholarship, awarded to Keyan Sullivan and worth more than $200,000. 

The following is a complete list of honors and scholarships awarded:



Top 10 Graduates (in order of GPA): Riley Wimberley – Valedictorian; Taylor Wimberley – Salutatorian; Caitlyn Yakim; Emma Allen; Halie Saylor; Erin Beck; Jackson Olson; Malina Holz; Calley Ruff; Jada Shields.

High Honor Graduates (3.4 GPA and above): Emma Allen*; Ryan Allen*; Erin Beck*; Reynaldo Blanco, Jr.; Emmaline Bonczynski; Julian Brooks; Camryn Busby; Khloie Goins; Ethan Hannapel*; Makayla Hill; Malina Holz*; Mason Keller; Arneal Lee*; Emma McCrorey; Jackson Olson*; Calley Ruff*; Halie Saylor*; Mya Scholten; Jada Shields*; Riley Stack*; Keyan Sullivan*; Killian Sullivan*; Logan Wallace*; Riley Wimberley*; Taylor Wimberley*; Lance Winchester; Caitlyn Yakim*

* Denotes National Honor Society member

Honor Graduates (3.0 to 3.39 GPA): Sarah Allen; Sierra Carpenter*; Megan Davis; Jaquelyn Dominguez; Madison DuSoe; Elizabeth Green; Ruby Maggert; Cavina Marquez; Alejandro Martinez; Elizabeth Moreno; Riley Mott; Gavin Nearpass; Gabrielle Okonski; Madeline Payne; Dale Personette; Cody Roberts; Nellie Sandoval; Jasmine West

Academic Awards of Excellence: Emma Allen; Erin Beck; Emmaline Bonczynski; Julian Brooks; Ethan Hannapel; Malina Holz; Mason Keller; Emma McCrorey; Jackson Olson; Calley Ruff; Halie Saylor; Jada Shields; Riley Stack; Riley Wimberley; Taylor Wimberley; Caitlyn Yakim

SMC Dual Enrollment Academic Award: Emma Allen; Ryan Allen; Erin Beck; Julian Brooks; Camryn Busby; Khloie Goins; Malina Holz; Mason Keller; Breeanna Kraft; Emma McCrorey; Jackson Olson; Halie Saylor; Riley Stack; Riley Wimberley; Taylor Wimberley



Dowagiac Elks Club Scholarship: Malina Holz

Dowagiac Rotary Club Scholarship: Riley Mott

Leo Krziza and Esther Krziza-Condry Scholarship: Sarah Allen; Camryn Busby; Malina Holz; Breanna Kraft; Jaleana Payne; Riley Wimberley; Taylor Wimberley; Caitlyn Yakim

Young Professionals of Greater Dowagiac Scholarship: Jada Shields

Peninsular Lodge #10 F. & A.M. Scholarship: Jada Shields

Dowagiac Education Association Scholarships: Ethan Hannapel; Callie Ruff

Beta Sigma Phi Theta MU Scholarship: Halie Saylor

Beta Sigma Phi ECC Scholarship: Halie Saylor

Joe and Harriett Hassle Scholarship: Jackson Olson

Jim and Mary Alice Giles Scholarship: Malina Holz; Breeanna Kraft; Calley Ruff

L.A.D.D. Inc. Scholarship: Breeanna Kraft

Heather Nash Memorial Scholarships: Calley Ruff; Taylor Wimberley

Brian Parker Memorial Scholarship: Sarah Allen

Carson Ausra Memorial Scholarships: Mateo Vasquez; Jada Shields

Honor Credit Union Community Commitment Scholarship: Jada Shields

Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Ethan Hannapel

Ronald Latourette Memorial Scholarship: Jackson Olson

Kameron Belew Memorial Scholarship: Emma Allen; Ryan Allen; Sarah Allen; Ethan Hannapel

Bryan Frazier Scholarships: Sierra Carpenter; Calley Ruff

Sodexo Services Scholarship: Ryan Allen; Jaleana Payne; Calley Ruff; Riley Stack

Albert and Joyce Fritz Memorial Scholarship: Calley Ruff

Cass County Sheriff’s Community Scholarship: Jackson Olson

Kidman Robison Family Scholarships: Erin Beck; Jada Shields

Creative Foam Scholarship: Mateo Vasquez

Dick Conrad Scholarship, Michigan Gateway Foundation: Calley Ruff

Dick Dorgan Memorial Scholarship: Erin Beck

Dowagiac Athletic Booster Club Scholarships: Sierra Carpenter; Ethan Hannapel; Calley Ruff; Ruby Maggert; Jordan Simpson

Chieftain Golf Outing Scholarships: Emma Allen; Ryan Allen; Sarah Allen; Erin Beck; Sierra Carpenter; Ethan Hannapel; Vicente Madison; Ruby Maggert; Calley Ruff; Jordan Simpson; Riley Stack; Killian Sullivan; Riley Wimberley; Taylor Wimberley


Individual College Scholarships

Southwestern Michigan College Awards of Distinction: Camryn Busby; Emma McCrorey; Halie Saylor

SMC Awards of Excellence: Reynaldo Blanco, Jr.; Riley Mott

SMC Roadrunner Scholarships: Zane Ball; Gavin Nearpass; Jasmine West

Lake Michigan College Rocky’s Award: Sarah Allen

Central Michigan Maroon and Gold Merit Scholarship: Ruby Maggert

Grand Valley State University Laker Scholarship: Emma Allen; Taylor Wimberley

Thompson Working Family Scholarship: Emma Allen

Glen Oaks Community College full ride athletic scholarships: Sierra Carpenter; Riley Stack. 

Ferris State Provost Scholarship: Makayla Hill

Western Michigan Bronco Merit Scholarships: Nellie Sandoval; Jada Shields

University of South Florida Green and Gold Directors Scholarship: Caitlyn Yakim

Michigan State University Resident Scholarships: Jackson Olson; Riley Wimberley; Lance Winchester

MSU Honors College State Scholarship: Riley Wimberley

MSU Spartan Advantage Scholarship: Lance Winchester

Saginaw Valley State University Robert and Ellen Thompson and Dean’s Scholarship: Erin Beck

Trine University Frank’s School of Education Scholarship: Calley Ruff

Home College Presidential Hope Scholarship: Ethan Hannapel

Providence University Providence Scholarship: Keyan Sullivan