Buchanan District Library looking for support to expand new tutoring program

Published 9:05 am Monday, March 28, 2022

BUCHANAN, Mich. — The Buchanan District Library has launched a new program that offers free tutoring at the library.

“We wanted to find a way to help students who may be struggling because of the pandemic,” said Library Director Meg Paulette. “Providing high-quality tutoring seemed like the most direct approach — something that would really make a difference.”

The library is piloting this program in partnership with Buchanan Community Schools. Moccasin Elementary School Principal Dr. Michael Dunn has helped identify the first group of second grade students to receive tutoring services. This grade has been particularly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic because these children were starting school for the first time in 2020.

“This tutoring program is an opportunity for our students to have specific, individualized learning and attention that will help build our student’s confidence and their academic success,” said Buchanan Community Schools Superintendent Patricia Robinson. “We are excited about the partnership between Buchanan District Library and Buchanan Community Schools and look forward to the growth of this program.”

Paulette stressed that the program is not simply a homework club.

“Our tutors are qualified teachers who work with the family and Buchanan Community Schools staff to address the specific needs of each student,” she said.

While this program has started with second grade students, the plan is to expand to all grades, as well as GED and ESL instruction. Tutors are paid by the library for their time, and donations are needed to expand. A pledge of $1,000 has already been made by the Buchanan Masons, Lodge #68. Every $1,000 helps pay for about 25 hours of tutoring.

“These tutors are high-quality professionals, and we know their time is valuable,” Paulette said. “To expand our program and help more learners in our community, we’ll need support. We hope that businesses and individuals will feel this is a good opportunity to make a very direct impact through giving.”

Those interested in supporting the library’s tutoring program can contact the Director of the Buchanan District Library, Meg Paulette, at m.paulette@buchananlibrary.com or (269) 695-1911. More information about the library can be found at www.buchananlibrary.org.