The Flower Cart celebrates 40 years of business

Published 5:00 pm Tuesday, March 1, 2022

NILES — Phil Hurlbutt was the man of the hour Tuesday.

Hurlbutt, owner of the Flower Cart, 1124 N. Fifth. St., celebrated 40 years of business in the greater Niles area. The popular shop offers selections of flowers, candy, balloons and stuffed animals.

“It’s been an incredible 40 years,” he said. “Each day is a different day. Each day has brought different emotions, different feelings and different families together. The relationships and the rapport that I have built with customers over the years. People brought in gifts today, cards and well wishes.

Hurlbutt still remembers his first day opening up shop as a nervous business owner in 1982.

“I was scared to death,” Hurlbutt recalled. “At that point, I just turned 25 years old and was starting a business. It was very eye-opening. The hours have always been long, and it is a hands-on job. People are looking for your designs and stuff.”

After being in business for so long, even Hurlbutt was unsure just how long he had been in business.

“I didn’t realize it until Saturday,” he admitted. “We were going to a gift show and I needed to grab my tax ID number. I looked at it, and it said 1982. I thought it was 38 years old, not 40. It’s like when you’re married and you think it’s anniversary number 20 when it’s actually 25.”

With 40 years of memories and experiences as his guide, Hurlbutt is thankful for the friends, family, and customers who have continued supporting his business.

“The community has been fantastic,” he said. “The clientele is just incredible to deal with. I’ve made so many friends and so many acquaintances doing things on a personal basis as well. Our motto, ‘we take the time to add a personal touch,’ brings us to where we are today. In today’s society, your small businesses don’t last as long. So I’m blessed with the clientele we have and How loyal they are to us.”