Buchanan Community Schools launches Learn by Heart campaign

Published 9:03 am Thursday, February 3, 2022

BUCHANAN — Educators have played an important role in the relative stability of schools across the country and a local district seeks to highlight the positive relationships between educators and students, parents, and community members through stories.

Buchanan Community Schools announced its Learn by Heart campaign last week.

According to Executive Superintendent Assistant and campaign manager Michelle Munyon, Learn by Heart is an initiative created by Berrien County school leaders to shine a light on the important role of educators and the impact they have on students in addition to supporting and promoting district employees through stories that develop a sense of community pride and appreciation for education personnel in a positive and uplifting way.

The district is looking for stories about all education personnel — teachers, bus drivers, school lunch staff, paraprofessionals, custodians, coaches, librarians, administrative assistants and other individuals important to a student’s educational success.

Munyon said anyone who has a story to share highlighting a Buchanan Community Schools teacher or staff member are asked to send the story background, participant names, relevant pictures and any other pertinent information to Munyon at mmunyon@buchananschools.com.

“Teachers plant seeds that will grow forever,” she said. “They change the world one student at a time. The pandemic has stressed and strained students and staff, but our education personnel have been working so hard to support our students’ needs. We are eager to be able to showcase these positive relationships that are formed at school.”

All stories will be evaluated by the campaign team to ensure it meets campaign standards. More information may be requested if a story is selected for publication and photo releases must be on file for story participants.

“We just released details of the Learn by Heart campaign late last week, and we have already received touching stories from parents and students,” Munyon said. “We are excited to share the stories in the upcoming weeks in our district publications, on social media, and through our local media outlets. Through these stories, we can show educators that they are appreciated and supported by our community.”

Munyon looks forward to reading stories and seeing the community support its teachers and staff.

“Buchanan is an amazing town,” she said. “The nicest place in America. We are excited to see the community pride and school spirit as we remember that, although these have been some of the most difficult years of school for many students and staff, Buchanan teachers and staff are still making an impact and laying the foundation for an incredible future for our students and community.”