Dowagiac, Edwardsburg land six on All-Wolverine soccer squad

Published 1:56 pm Monday, January 10, 2022

DOWAGIAC — Wolverine Conference champion Plainwell may have dominated the all-league squad, but Dowagiac and Edwardsburg were well represented on the team.

The Trojans had nine players named to the team, while runner-up Vicksburg had eight players selected. Dowagiac and Edwardsburg both finished with six selections.

First-team picks for the Chieftains were Allex Hernandez, Isaac Saavedra and Henry Weller, while Edwardsburg had Alex Carfi and Tye Vargo picked for the first team.

Second-team selections for Dowagiac were Cole Weller, Ethan Hannapel and Alejandro Martinez, while for the Eddies it was Annon Billingsley, Grayson Herbert and Owen Kertes.

Gary Jacobs was an honorable mention selection for Edwardsburg. Casey Marlin and Caleb Thornton were honorable mention picks for Niles.

Plainwell’s Garry Snyder was named Coach of the Year.


All-Wolverine Conference

First Team

Mikhail Peters, Allegan

Allex Hernandez, Dowagiac

Isaac Saavedra, Dowagiac

Henry Weller, Dowagiac

Alex Carfi, Edwardsburg

Tye Vargo, Edwardsburg

Jack McLaughlin, Paw Paw

Ivan Emde, Paw Paw

Ben Gale, Plainwell

Sam Gibson, Plainwell

Landon Murphy, Plainwell

Jack Wilson, Plainwell

Kayden Salinas, Three Rivers

Jed Blough, Vicksburg

Luke Malocha, Vicksburg

Josiah McClelland, Vicksburg


Coach of the Year

Garry Snyder, Plainwell


Second Team

Ethan Hannapel, Dowagiac

Alejandro Martinez, Dowagiac

Cole Weller, Dowagiac

Annon Billingsley, Edwardsburg

Grayson Herbert, Edwardsburg

Owen Kertes, Edwardsburg

Jacob Zartman, Otsego

Matt Henry, Plainwell

Josh Pearson, Plainwell

Keagan Tungate, Plainwell

Raul Ruiz, Sturgis

Ryan Lubieniecki, Three Rivers

Christian Selent, Paw Paw

William Cherette, Vicksburg

Landan Johnson, Vicksburg

John Rhymer, Vicksburg


Honorable Mention

Alex Southwell, Allegan

Josh Webb, Allegan

Gabe Jacobs, Edwardsburg

Casey Marlin, Niles

Caleb Thornton, Niles

Seth Barck, Otsego

Landon Brown, Paw Paw

Brady Holdsworth, Paw Paw

Jacob Major, Paw Paw

Will Furge, Plainwell

Connor Hercik, Plainwell

Steve Gonzalez, Sturgis

Gavyn Moore, Sturgis

Elliot Weed, Three Rivers

Colin McKee, Vicksburg

Bryce Town, Vicksburg

Michell Vandermuellen, Vicksburg


Final Standings

Plainwell 8-0-1

Vicksburg 6-0-3

Edwardsburg 6-1-2

Dowagiac 6-3

Three Rivers 4-5

Sturgis 3-4-2

Allegan 3-5-1

Paw Paw 2-7

Otsego 1-7-1

Niles 1-8