Edwardsburg dominates All-Wolverine Conference football squad

Published 12:28 pm Tuesday, January 4, 2022

EDWARDSBURG — The reward for winning an eighth consecutive Wolverine Conference championship is dominating the all-league squad.

That is exactly what Edwardsburg did as the undefeated Eddies landed five players on the first-team offense, three on the second-team offense, five on the first-team defense and one on the second-team defense.

The Eddies also had the Wolverine Conference Coach of the Year in Kevin Bartz.

First-team all-conference offensive members were Landon Mikel, Brennen Brady-Brittain, Will Jacobson, Ben Miller and Trevor Houseworth. Second team picks were Jacob Pegura, Jacob Walker and Cooper Collins.

Defensively, first-team picks were Logan McColley, Connor Ostrander, Jacob Edwards, Mikel and Isaiyah Swartz. A.J. Obren was named to the second team. McColley was selected as the captain of the defensive unit.

Edwardsburg also had Steven Anders, Brenden Seabolt and Patrick Szlanfucht named to the honorable mention portion of the squad.

Dowagiac had a pair of players — Vicente Madison and Brayan Parades — earn honorable mention all-conference.



First team

• Jacob Thompson (Sturgis)

Landon Mikel (Edwardsburg)

Julian Means-Flewellen (Niles)

Cullen Sylvester (Paw Paw)

Jack Anderson (Plainwell)

Daeshawnn Dixon-Shuhmacher (Plainwell)

Andrew Brown (Three Rivers)

Caleb Quake (Three Rivers)

Evan Anderson (Vicksburg)

Brennen Brady-Brittain (Edwardsburg)

Will Jacobson (Edwardsburg)

Ben Miller (Edwardsburg)

Dennis Strey Jr. (Paw Paw)

Collin Klinger (Vicksburg)

Trevor Houseworth (Edwardsburg)

• Denotes Captain


Coach of the Year

Kevin Bartz (Edwardsburg)


Second Team

Jacob Pegura (Edwardsburg)

Jacob Walker (Edwardsburg)

Caleb Williams (Plainwell)

Angelo Hausmanis (Three Rivers)

Logan Jones (Vicksburg)

Cooper Collins (Edwardsburg)

Lincoln Carrington (Niles)

Zach Spence (Otsego)

Michael Reo (Paw Paw)



First Team

• Logan McColley (Edwardsburg)

Connor Ostrander (Edwardsburg)

Sam Rucker (Niles)

Connor Strudwick (Sturgis)

Grant Anderson (Vicksburg)

Jacob Edwards (Edwardsburg)

Landon Mikel (Edwardsburg)

Dennis Strey Jr. (Paw Paw)

Jack Anderson (Plainwell)

Bo Skidmore (Vicksburg)

Isaiyah Swartz (Edwardsburg)

Kimoni McClean (Niles)

Cullen Sylvester (Paw Paw)

Troy Vandenburg (Paw Paw)

• Denotes Captain


Second Team

A.J. Obren (Edwardsburg)

Caleb Williams (Plainwell)

Connor Quake (Three Rivers)

Carter Mann (Vicksburg)

Andrew Chambers (Otsego)

Niko Martinez (Paw Paw)

Cole Schaaf (Three Rivers)

Trammell Robinson (Plainwell)

Chase Evans (Three Rivers)

Bryce Smith (Vicksburg)


Honorable Mention

Vicente Madison (Dowagiac)

Brayan Parades (Dowagiac)

Steven Anders (Edwardsburg)

Brenden Seabolt (Edwardsburg)

Patrick Szlanfucht (Edwardsburg)

Talon Brawley (Niles)

Jason Matlock (Niles)

Keiron Kwayke (Niles)

Gabe Cavazos (Otsego)

Randy Hudson (Otsego)

Tyler Norris (Otsego)

Zeyan Davis (Paw Paw)

Kaleb Lucas (Paw Paw)

Jose Valverde (Paw Paw)

Brendan Burch (Plainwell)

Trammell Robinson (Plainwell)

David Stout (Plainwell)

Gibson Cary (Sturgis)

Logan Markey (Sturgis)

Ellis VanWagner (Sturgis)

Addison Abnet (Three Rivers)

Drew Keene (Three Rivers)

Jack Reynolds (Three Rivers)

Blake Ford (Vicksburg)

Collin Groves (Vicksburg)

Xavier Wadley (Vicksburg)