LASATA: Sharing an experience with southwest Michigan students

Published 12:51 pm Thursday, December 30, 2021

One of the things I enjoy most as a legislator is the opportunities I have to engage with area students — whether it’s reading to young kids during March is Reading Month or speaking to older students who are looking to take the next step as they plan for their future.

Earlier this month, I had a chance to visit area schools and speak to students in government, U.S. history and law classes. I joined classrooms at Dowagiac Union High School and Howardsville Christian School and spoke to students about my role as a senator, the legislative process, the state budget and other responsibilities held by elected officials.

During each visit, students did a terrific job helping lead thoughtful discussions about our civic duties as Americans — from the importance of voting and being educated on issues to the importance of being involved in their community and in their government.

I was impressed with the students’ knowledge about current events and willingness to engage in discussions about their civic responsibilities as they grow closer to adulthood. Our students represent the future, and it was great to be able to sit down and have an engaging conversation with smart and enthusiastic young adults about the importance of getting involved.

I want to thank Mr. Connor Michael from Dowagiac High School and Ms. Melodi Delaveau from Howardsville Christian School for allowing me to join them and their students for an enjoyable afternoon with our state’s future leaders. As a former school teacher myself, it brought a smile to my face to see the knowledge and professionalism of the students, along with the genuine interest in their faces.

I know these kids will go on to do well. Michigan’s future is in good hands!


Sen. Kim LaSata, R-Coloma, represents the 21st state Senate District, which includes all of Berrien, Cass, and St. Joseph counties.