LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A thanks to the community

Published 2:10 pm Friday, December 10, 2021

On behalf of Helping Hands of Cass County, we cannot close out 2021 without celebrating the generosity of our community.  This year, we served more people than ever, providing food and clothing to elderly, school children, foster children, disabled and those struggling financially — even while we spent tens of thousands to replace our roof. We did not have to cut services because of the generous support of our regular community partners, including St. Ann’s, Pleasant View, Penn Friends, the Edward Lowe Foundation, the Diamond Lake Association and too many individuals and groups to list.  A great boost came from The Power of 100 – Women Who Care, a group of women who meet quarterly to support local nonprofits, the Pokagon Fund, MEC, and the new business in town, Sunset Coast.  Thanks to all of you, we look forward to serving those in need for years to come.

Leigh Goyings

Helping Hands Board Member